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All Fatawaas

Ruling on Violating the Restrictions of Ihram before the Completion of the Rites

I left for Umrah, performed the rites and completed them. After that, I made Ihram (enter into state of ritual consecration) from the mosque of Tan'eim for a second Umrah. While performing Sa'iy, something urgent happened and I didn`t finish this ritual and didn`t make Tahalul. I went to the hotel, took off my Ihram attire, put on my clothes and returned to my country. After that, I was blessed with a baby. What am I liable for?

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Ruling on Delegating in Hajj due to Illness

I have a serious illness (Extreme dizziness) and it is difficult for me to travel or go out. Is it allowed to delegate someone to do Hajj on my behalf?

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Ruling on Wearing a Mask while in State of Ihram for Hajj or Umrah

Is it permissible for a person in state of Ihram for Hajj or Umrah to wear a mask? If not permissible, what is he/she liable for before Almighty Allah?

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Conditions for Hajj on Behalf of Others

Is it permissible for a person to perform Hajj on behalf of another who is unable to perform Hajj himself because of the spread of the Corona Virus or he doesn`t meet the age requirement although he is physically and financially capable? 

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Ruling when a Pilgrim Passes away or Becomes Terminally Ill before Completing the Hajj Rituals

What is the ruling of Sharia when a pilgrim passes away or becomes terminally ill before completing the rituals of Hajj? In addition, is it permissible to delegate someone to perform Hajj on his or her behalf?

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Ruling on Using Perfumed Soap or Tissues during Ihram

Is it permissible to use perfumed soap, shampoo or cream while in the state of Ihram?

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Giving Precedence to Getting one`s Son Married over Performing Hajj is up to Person`s Assessment

If there is a man who has saved a sum of money to perform the obligatory Hajj (i.e., Hajj for the first time), and after five years he becomes entitled to enter the randomized lottery for allocating Hajj visas. In the meantime, he has a son who is single and of marriageable age. If he gets his son married, that sum could go short and so he may not be able to perform Hajj. In this case, which takes precedence? Should he do the obligatory Hajj or get his son married?

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Wearing Ordinary Clothes for Ihram due to Being on Duty

What is the ruling when an on-duty government employee is unable to wear Ihram clothes during the Hajj season. Is it permissible that he assumes Ihram in ordinary clothes(Non Form-Fitting)?

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Ruling when a Muhrim Uses an Umbrella for Shade

What is the ruling when a Muhrim uses an umbrella for shade?

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Ruling on Touching the Perfume on Ka`ba while Observing Ihram

What is the ruling when a person observing Ihram (Ritual consecration) touches the perfume on the Ka`ba?

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Ruling on Performing Voluntary Tawaf for less than Seven Times

Is it valid for someone who isn`t offering Hajj or Umrah to perform voluntary Tawaf (Circumambulation) around the Kaba for less than seven times?

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Ruling on Person who Engaged in Sexual Intercourse before Tahallul from Ihram for Umra

What is the ruling on the woman who didn`t shorten her hair-out of ignorance-after she had performed Sa`e for Umrah; in addition to having engaged in sexual intercourse with her husband?

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Ruling on Performing Hajj with Stolen and Usurious Money

What is the ruling on performing Hajj with stolen and usurious money?

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One who Intends to Perform Hajj isn`t Allowed to Pass the Miqat without Assuming Ihram

I want to work in Makkah for a month and I intend to perform Hajj while there; should I assume Ihram(ritual consecration) from the Miqat or from my dwelling place?

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Tawaf for a Woman in Menses

Is it permissible for a woman who had her menses during Hajj to complete its rites?

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