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All Fatawaas

Ruling on Embossed Images on Cups

What is the ruling on embossed images on cups?

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Ruling on Refusing Medical Treatment and COVID-19 Vaccination

What is the ruling on the individuals who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19 although they have no health problems preventing that?

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Ruling on Taking Performance-Enhancing Drugs(PEDS) in Sports

What is the ruling of Sharia on taking PEDS in sports?

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Controls on Freezing and Transporting Samples in Artificial Insemination Methods

I live in Jordan but my husband is living in Australia. I need to undergo vitro fertilization because I can`t give birth naturally. After taking the sperms from my husband, they are frozen, placed in a special medical container, and transported to Jordan where the insemination will take place. What is the ruling of Sharia on transporting these sperms? This is knowing that I`m currently taking medications and injections for ovulation induction and they are very costly and should be taken at a specific time. In addition, freezing sperms and moving them cost around ten thousand JDs.

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Using an Acid in Medical Supplies

What is the ruling on using Hyaluronic Acid which is already being used as a substance in the manufacturing of our medical supplies and registered at JFDA (Jordan Drug & Food Administration) under the name (Restylan)? Noting that the most important uses of our cosmetics, are restoring skin softness and reducing its wrinkles.

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Ruling on Planting Fertilized Egg after Passing Away of Husband

A husband and wife fertilized an egg and agreed on planting it in the wife`s womb, but couldn`t do so due to the spread of corona virus pandemic, so the fertilized egg remained stored in fertility clinic at the hospital. Now, the husband has passed away and the wife would like to have the fertilized egg planted in her womb. Is it permissible for her to do so since families of both spouses were aware of that and it was documented by the fertility clinic staff of that hospital?

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Ruling on Male Doctor Treating Female Patient and Vice Versa

What is the ruling of Sharia regarding male doctor treating female patient and vice versa?

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Islamic Ruling on Taking off Niqab for a Need

Is it permissible for a veiled social worker to uncover her face to create a greater influence on the audience and by analogy to the permissibility of uncovering anterior and posterior pudenda before a male doctor for treatment?

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Ruling on Refraining from CPR in case of Cardiac Arrest

What is the Islamic ruling on refraining from CPR in case of cardiac arrest based on prior request by the patient or one of his close relatives?

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Alcohol Use Controls in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Is it permissible to promote a medication called (Guayfem), which contains (6% ethanol)?

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Nothing Wrong with Making Cake Images

Is it permissible to make animal cake images or other designs, knowing that they are made from fondant for eating?

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Islamic Ruling on Spraying Alcohol on Cake

Is it permissible to use medicinal alcohol in spraying cake? This is knowing that the alcohol is mixed with certain powder and no taste of it remains after it is sprayed.

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Islamic Ruling on Listening to Music

What is the ruling of Islam on listening to music?

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Liability for Medical Errors

When a medical error takes place and a patient dies as a result, is Diyah an obligation?

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Ruling on Chanting Delivered by School Girls

What is the ruling when ten to fifteen-year-old school girls deliver national chants accompanied with music?

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