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Resolutions of Iftaa' Board

Date Added : 17-11-2015

Resolution No.(187) (6/2013) by the Board of Iftaa`, Research and Islamic Studies:

"Stem Cells Law, 2013"

Date: (25/8/1434 A.H) (4/7/2013 A.D)


All praise is due to Allah, peace and blessings be upon Prophet Mohammad and upon all his family

and companions.

On the aforementioned date, the Board reviewed the stem cells law for the year 2013, sent by His Excellency the Chairman of the Legislation Bureau, to clarify the ruling of Sharia regarding it:
After careful study and deliberation, the Board decided what follows: 
First: The proposed draft-law pertaining to the regulation of the medical and research-based work has focused on two types of stem cells, which are: Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Somatic, or Adult Stem Cells. Little attention was given to the three other types: The Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (IPSCs), The Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Stem Cells and The Hybrid Stem Cells.
An example on the aforesaid  is in article (Seven), where the word (Adult) should be deleted in order for the article to include all sources of the five types  of stem cells mentioned in Article (Three) because all of them contain a human source. Therefore, it must be ascertained that there is a need to obtain them for therapeutic use, or research purposes, and then it becomes insufficient for article (Seven) to be concluded with: “According to the medical protocol in use “; rather, it is imperative to restrict  it to that which goes in line with the rulings of  the Islamic Sharia.
The same applies to article (Nine/A), where we deem necessary that the word (Embryonic) should be deleted in order for the article to include all sources of stem cells so as for the General Iftaa` Department to consider the Sharia ruling regarding  the zooblast which can be used for producing hybrid stem cells. This is also to make sure that the stem cells resulting from somatic cell nuclear transfer aren`t misused since article (Three) doesn`t provide adequate precautions in this regard, rather, it sufficed with the condition that” It is not to be cultured in the womb and not to be used for the reproduction of human beings.”
Second: Article (Four/B/4) made the condition: “An insurance contract is to be concluded between the bank and one of the licensed insurance companies in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to insure the stored stem cells.” The Board recommends that the insurance should be restricted to the joint-cooperative kind which is based on donation rather than commutative and gambling contracts.
Third: We recommend nominating an employee from the Iftaa` Department  to be a member in (The National Committee of Stem Cells), as stipulated in article (Four). His Grace, The Mufti-General is to nominate this member in order for the latter to make sure that the Islamic rulings are observed.
Fourth: The Board recommends drawing up vindicatory sanctions on whoever breaks the provisions of this law. And Allah Knows Best.


Chairman of the General Iftaa` Department, His Grace, Sheikh Abdulkareem Khasawneh.

Prof. Abduln`nassir Abu-Albassal/ Member
Sheilkh Sai`ed Hij`jawi/ Member
Prof. Mohammad Al-Qodah/ Member
Dr. Mohammad Khair E`ssa/ Member
Dr. Mohammad Al-Khalayleh/ Member
Dr. Wasif Al-Bakri/ Member
Dr. Mohammad Al-Zo`bi/ Member

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