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All Fatawaas

Husband-Wife Relationship during Iddah

What is the relationship between husband and wife during Iddah (Waiting period undergone by a woman after a divorce or death of her husband) taking into consideration that the Iddah was over and the husband didn`t take her back, so the divorced changed from Raj`i into Ba`in Bainonah Soghra?

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: Ruling when Husband is Unsure which Wife he had Divorced

What should the husband do when he is unsure which of his wives he had divorced?

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Poverty doesn`t Absolve Husband from Paying Deferred Mahr

Does poverty absolve husband from paying the deferred portion of Mahr(Bridal money) in case he divorced his wife?

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Husband must Authenticate Divorce in a Sharia Court

Is it conditioned that divorce must be authenticated in a Sharia court and signed by both spouses?

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Some Rulings on Divorce Resulting from Dissension between Spouses

What are the rights of a woman as far as the advanced and deferred portions of her dowry are concerned, in case she filed for divorce due to dissension between her and her husband? What is intended by "Dissension between spouses"?

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New Marriage Contract Concluded after the Pre-Marriage Consummation Divorce doesn`t Invalidate Previous Occurrences of Divorce

Someone concluded a marriage contract with a girl then they disagreed and so he divorced her before the consummation of the marriage. Later on, he concluded a new marriage contract with her and they disagreed, so he divorced her again before the consummation of the marriage. Later on, he concluded a new contract and they disagreed, so he divorced her again. Does this count as a threefold divorce?

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Divorce Takes Place when Uttered by Husband

Does divorce take place from the date of the divorce, or from the date of registering it at the court?

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A woman is asking for divorce although she is still breastfeeding. What is the Islamic ruling on this?

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I have conducted my marriage contract at a Sharia court; however, one day I was talking to my fiancée over the phone and she got on my nerves leading me to utter one divorce. This is knowing that I can`t tell my her father because he is very strict and will not accept that at all. What is the best course of action that I should pursue in this situation?

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One day, I swore that my wife will be unlawful to me to quit smoking hookah?

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Is it permissible to divorce one`s wife because she doesn`t pray?

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What is the Islamic ruling when parents oblige their son or daughter to divorce or marry, and this actually takes place, although it is against their will?

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It was found out that a man divorced his wife for the third time in 2005, but they continued cohabiting as man and wife. However, when they realized that what they were doing was unlawful, they came the Iftaa` Department in 2009 and were told that they can`t be together. What is the position of Sharia on this couple?

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Is it permissible for a wife`s family to demand her husband to divorce her although she doesn`t want that? • Read More
Is a wife considered sinful if she asked for divorce because her husband married another woman? • Read More