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Ruling on Intending an Act of Worship along with the Aim of Obtaining a Worldly Benefit

Some boxers fast to lose weight so as to fight in a lighter- weight class and they combine this aim with the intention of doing this act of worship. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Taking Covid-19 Test doesn`t Break one`s Fast during Ramadan

Does taking Covid-19 test during day time of Ramadan render one`s fast invalid?

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Combining the Intention of Fasting Six Days of Shawwal with Making up Missed Fasts of Ramadan

What is the Islamic ruling on combining the intention of fasting on six days of Shawwal with the intention of making the missed fasts of Ramadan?

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Fasting the Day of Ashura: Virtue and Ruling What is the virtue of fasting on the day of Ashura and what is the Islamic ruling on that? • Read More
Ruling on a Sick Person who is Unable to Fast My mother is seventy years old. Five years ago, she became diabetic. However, she observes fast and offers night prayers comfortably. A year ago, she underwent gastrectomy, so physicians recommended that she have 7-9 meals throughout the day. They even stressed that her doing so is of extreme importance to her health. What is the ruling on her fasting during Ramadan? • Read More
Ruling on Ramadan Moon Sighting Differences What is the ruling on Ramadan moon sighting differences amongst the scholars where some say that each country has its own moon sighting while others say that all Islamic countries have the same moon sighting? • Read More
Wife is Allowed to Observe Voluntary Prayer without Husband`s Permission Should the wife seek husband's permission to observe voluntary prayer as she does in voluntary fast? Or this is limited to the latter? • Read More
Breaking Fast to Study for Exams isn`t Permissible Is it permissible for someone to break their fast in order to study for exams? • Read More
Ruling on Surgeries that Involve Breaking Obligatory Fast We are a medical team that does a large number of surgeries all-year. As a result, we can`t delay the already scheduled surgeries, which are more than a thousand, till after Ramadan under the excuse that patients are observing fast. In most scheduled cases, patients are forced to break their fast for a day or two until they return to normal. However, there is a new surgical procedure that we perform on patients suffering from "excessive obesity" where they are forced to break their fast and follow a diet for a minimum of three weeks. Is it permissible to perform this procedure in Ramadan? • Read More
It is Lawful to Fast a Particular Day even if it Coincided with a non-Islamic Feast What is the ruling of Sharia on fasting a particular day that coincides with a non-Islamic feast day, such as the Persian New Year`s Day? • Read More
Fasting the First Ten Days of Dhul-Hijjah Are there narrations indicating that the Prophet (PBUH) fasted the first ten days of Dhul-Hijja? And is fasting them loved most by Allah? • Read More
Fasting without the Husband’s Permission Depends on its Type

What is the ruling on fasting without the permission of the husband?

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Ruling on Fasting the Six Days of Shawwaal before Making up for Missed Fasts A woman had missed some days of Ramadan, and she would like to fast the six days of Shawwaal before making up for the missed fasts. Is it permissible for her to do so, and does she attain the reward of one who hadn`t missed a day of Ramadan and observed the fasts of Shawwaal ? • Read More
When to Pay the Fidyah Due on the ill Who is Unable to Fast Is it permissible to advance the payment of the Fidyah(compensation for not fasting)due on an old person who is unable to fast, or should it be paid day by day? • Read More
Ruling on Observing Fast during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Is it permissible for the pregnant and the breastfeeding women to break their fast because of hardship, and what is incumbent on them in this case ? • Read More