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All Fatawaas

Islamic Ruling on the Sequence of Washing Wudu` Parts for someone Immersed in Water

If someone submerges entirely in water, does it suffices as a substitute for ablution (wudu), and is the order or sequence to be followed in washing the wudu` parts in this case taken into consideration?

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Ruling on Wiping over Thin Socks

Is it permissible to wipe over thin socks while making Wudu` (Ablution)?

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Effect of Diabetes Skin Patches on Ritual Purity

Some people with diabetes use smart patches to measure their blood sugar. The patch is placed on the skin and gives speed-reading of glucose level. What is the ruling of Sharia on the validity of wudu` and Ghusl while having these patches on?

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Washing the Wudu` Organs Consecutively is an Act of Sunnah

I work for a certain organization and can`t take off my shoes to perform Wudu`. I take off the right shoe, wash my foot and put my socks and shoe on and do the same for the left foot. Is my Wudu` valid taken that my right foot had dried before my left foot was washed?

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Using Female Donkey's Milk in Manufacturing Soap

What is the ruling on using female donkey's milk in manufacturing soap and in treating several skin diseases such as: Eczema, Dermatodyschoria and treatment of burns noting that the chemical formula of the milk changes after adding Sodium Hydroxide material to it by which the substance of milk itself is no longer recognized?

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Ruling on Killing Dogs and Ruling on their Impurity

Does a dog transmit impurity? Does touching a dog invalidate ablution? Is it permissible to kill and mutilate?

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Friday Bath is Likeable for anyone Coming for Friday Prayer

Is it likeable for the woman who doesn`t come for Friday prayer to have the Friday bath(Friday Ghusl)?

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Form of Seminal Discharge doesn`t Make Ghusl Obligatory

Surgical removal of prostate causes a man to ejaculate directly in the bladder whenever he makes love. Is he obliged to perform Ghusl(Ritual bath) in this case and in case he had a wet dream as well, noting that he won`t see any trace of semen on his clothes or body?

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Performing Ablution with Water Endowed for Drinking isn`t Permissible

What is the ruling of Shari`ah on performing ablution with water endowed for drinking?

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Ruling on Performing Ablution while having Creams on one`s Hair

Does applying "Keratin" to the hair invalidate ablution, knowing that it covers the hair but doesn`t reach the scalp or prevent water from reaching it ?

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Ruling on Inscribing and Hanging Quranic Verses on Walls

I wanted to hang a framed Quranic verse on a wall of a mosque; however, the people there objected to that under the pretext that the Quran has been sent down to be acted upon and not for decorative purposes; what is the ruling of Islamic Sharia on this issue?

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Is the Blood Discharged after a Miscarriage Nifaas?

I had a miscarriage after eight weeks of pregnancy. It is worth noting that the embryo had neither grown in size nor had a pulse since the sixth week. Is the blood discharged after the miscarriage considered Nifaas(post-partum bleeding)?

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Ruling of Sharia on Wearing Ornament Made of Precious Metals

What is the Ruling of Sharia on wearing diamond ornament by a man?

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Ruling on Hastening Menstruation Period during Iddah

Is it permissible for a woman to hasten her menstruation period during Iddah (waiting period), and what is the shortest interval of purity in-between two menstruation periods ?

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Ruling on Praying While One's Clothes are Soiled with Blood

Is one`s prayer valid when performed while there is blood on his/her clothes ?

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