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All Fatawaas

Ruling on Woman or her Guardian Asking for Separation on Grounds of Husband`s Unfitness Is it permissible for a woman`s guardian to ask for separating her from husband because the latter drinks and owns a license for selling liquor? • Read More
In Principle, the Divorcee or the Widow is Allowed to Marry What is the ruling on preventing a widow or a divorcee from marrying? and does she have the right to marry a new husband? • Read More
Ruling on the Marriage of the Insane What is the ruling of Sharia on the marriage of the insane? • Read More
A Person Performing Umrah is Prohibited to Conclude Marriage Contract before Making Tahallul from Entering the State of Ihram

My sister went to Mecca 8 years ago for the purpose of performing Umrah (Minor pilgrimage) but she didn’t perform all the rituals of it due to exhaustion. Afterwards, a suitor proposed to her and they concluded marriage contract. Is this contract null? And what is due on her? 

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Ruling on Marrying the Woman with whom he had Committed Zina Is it permissible for a man to marry the woman with whom he had committed Zina (Adultery/fornication)? • Read More
Is the marriage contract considered valid if concluded at home by the marriage official(Ma`zon)? • Read More
A Social Issue Concerning Marriage

I hold  a degree in engineering and have been working  in this   field for the past two years. A young man, head of a computing department, has  proposed to me. He is educated, financially stable and lives his in a house of his own next to my parents’. However, my parents refused him because he is less educated than me, doesn`t have a car at present and comes from a poor, wretched family. I feel so frustrated because I couldn`t  convince my parents to approve of him. Could you please  guide me to the right course of action?

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