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Ruling on Profit of Wadee`ah Resulting from Misconduct of the Person Entrusted with it

What is the ruling on the profits of the money deposited into the bank as a trust for someone? For example, someone has entrusted me to keep a certain sum for him, but I deposited it into a bank account and it made profits. Is it permissible for me to take the profits and give back the original sum to its owner?

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A Trustee is Obliged to Discharge the Trust Exactly as Written or Requested

A person kept a sum of money with another person as a deposit where he attached a letter clarifying to whom it should be delivered. What is the ruling on this? And is it permissible to avoid handing this deposit to the person mentioned in the letter?

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A Trust must be Delivered Back to its Owner

I have registered a piece of land in my sister`s name because I hold a two-year Jordanian passport and provided that she gives it back upon my request. When I asked her to deliver that land back to me, she refused although she had admitted that the land is mine and has been entrusted to her. She is stalling under the pretext that she wants a Fatwa in this regard. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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