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All Fatawaas

Actions of Agent must be in Favor of Principal

My father has granted me power of attorney to manage his funds. Is it permissible that I give a loan from his money, even a son/daughter of his? If I did so, is that loan a debt on him/her or part of their share in the inheritance? Is it permissible that I sell some of his property and distribute the money amongst some of the heirs? This is knowing that he is having health issues undermining his capacity.

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Ruling on Tenant Paying Commission to Owner`s Proxy against Cutting down on Rent

I would like to rent a property, but the owner`s proxy told me that I have to pay him two thousand JDs against keeping the old rent, which is 240 JDs per month. In case I declined, he will draft a new contract with a rent of 650 JDs per month. Do I incur sin if I paid him the two thousand JDs against keeping the old rent?

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Keeping Property in an Unsuitable Place is an Act of Negligence

My sister has transferred the Zakat of her money to my account in order for me to distribute it, on her behalf, among those entitled to it. Unfortunately, that sum was stolen from my car. Should I give that exact sum from my own money without telling my sister about what happened?

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It is Impermissible for a Charity Proxy to Benefit from Donations

A woman is in charge of collecting in kind as well as cash donations to help the poor and needy. Is it permissible for her to take from them, or to her son, if he was from the above category?

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The Authorized is Trusted to Achieve the Benefit of his Authorizer

What is the ruling when the authorized doesn`t act for the benefit of the person who authorized him?

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Adherence of Charitable Organization to Conditions of Donor

We are a relief agency that takes care of orphans(Guardianship). What is the ruling of Sharia when the donations made to a particular orphan are spent on others or saved in the agency`s account where the revenue goes to the benefit of all orphans depending on the programmes and activities run by the agency. This is due to the fact that spending that sum in favour of the orphan for whom the donation was made in the first place wasn`t possible because he didn`t deserve it, passed away, travelled or any other reason?

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The Authorized mayn't Benefit from What he has been Entrusted with

I work for a private company and my friend works for another. We have agreed on working together in different fields relying on our expertise and personal acquaintances in the labor market. In fact, my friend holds an important position in the company where he works, and it has lots of enterprises which he steers in the direction that he finds fit, so he started referring micro-enterprises to our company, and I started executing many of them for their market price, or less, but with maintaining the required standards, and the profit is shared by both of us. However, the owner of the company doesn`t know that I`m the partner of the manager in his company. What is the ruling of Sharia on this, and the money that we have earned so far?

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The Sharia Influence of an Irrevocable Power of Attorney

While alive, my father transferred some of his properties into the possession of some of his children, and gave some to other children through an irrevocable power of attorney. However, he has neither given properties to all of them nor done that equally. This is in addition to the fact that he was married to another woman and had a son. So, what is the share of this child from my father`s estate and what is the ruling of Sharia on what he had done?

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Ruling on a Proxy Trading in Charity Funds

What is the ruling on a proxy using charity funds for trade ?

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Authorizing Debtor to Donate on Behalf of Creditor

If a person owes me some money, am I permitted to authorize him to donate this debt for building, for example, a mosque? 

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Ruling on Medical Sales Rep. Giving Free Drug Samples to the Poor

I am a pharmacist working for a foreign pharmaceutical company. My job is to promote the company`s products to specialty doctors and keep them acquainted with the latest pharmaceutical studies. Based on this, the company entrusts me with distributing a limited number of free drug samples amongst these doctors so that they give them to poor patients free. Sometimes, I take these samples and give them to poor patients who need them. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Islamic Ruling on the Irrevocable Power of Attorney

What is the Islamic ruling on the irrevocable power of attorney?

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Bought a Product to Resell at a Higher Price to the Company where he Works

I was hired as director of a certain company. I agreed with the sales manager of the nylon company to buy one ton of nylon for (1000JDs) and resell it to the company where I work for (1400JDs). What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Is it Permissible for Tkiyet Um Ali to Receive Payment against being Deputized to Slaughter Adahi during Eid Al Adha?

Is it permissible for Tkiyet Um Ali to receive payment against being authorized by people to slaughter their Adahi (Sacrifices) during Eid Al Adha?

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It is Forbidden for Lawyer to Argue Cases of Eating up Riba/Usury

I work at a big law firm and deal with many companies and organizations. However, this firm is following up a case in which it claims a debt resulting from a usurious loan that it had granted to a client. At the end of each month, I receive my salary in return for arguing different cases assigned to me. Is this work unlawful? Do I incur sin for claiming the right of that bank? It is worth mentioning that I use my powers as a lawyer to help debtors by reducing the interest due on them and obligating the bank to accept that. Could you answer my questions with providing evidence from the texts of Sharia?

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