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All Fatawaas

The Creditor has the Option to Recover the Debt from the Guarantor or the Heirs

My father borrowed a sum of money from my mother, and I told her: If my father does not repay you, I will pay on his behalf. After years, my father passed away, and now my mother demands repayment of the amount. Should I pay off the debt on behalf of my father, or are the heirs responsible for repaying it, knowing that the estate has been divided among all the heirs?

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Eating from the Open Buffet should Comply with the Instructions

Three people and an eight-year-old entered an open buffet. Upon entry, they paid for three. What is the ruling regarding the child eating with his father? Note that the restaurant requires individuals aged 5 years and above to pay 10 dinars.

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Islam Prohibits Hoarding every Product Needed by Society

I trade in food products. However, some traders hoard items because they know that their prices will increase in the near future. What is the ruling of Islam on this?

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Islamic Ruling on Paying the Rent of the Imam`s Residence from the Donations Fund

Considering that the Imam resides outside the boundaries of the mosque, is it permissible to pay the rent of the his residence from the mosque`s donations fund?

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The Impact of one Partner Carrying out the Work and Compensating for the Shortcomings of the other Partner in a Business Partnership

I began working with an online platform as a lecturer for one of the university subjects. The arrangement was that I provide (60%) of the content, and the platform manager takes (40%) for advertising the course, as well as uploading the videos to the platform. Lately, I've noticed a lapse in the platform's responsibilities. I handle the teaching, advertising, and video uploads, while they haven't fulfilled their agreed-upon duties. Is it permissible for me to take the full (100%) considering their non-compliance with the agreed terms? I have informed the responsible party about the shortcomings, but it has been to no avail. Consequently, I decided to work independently without using their platform and take the full percentage. Is this permissible?

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Islamic Ruling on a Supplier's Agreement with Several Individuals to Sell his Merchandise

A medical book is sold in the market through a distributor. I contacted the manufacturing company, and they said, "There is no exclusive distributor for the book, and you can buy and sell it as you wish." Is it permissible for me to sell the book? Does this fall under the  meaning of the Hadith which states: "One of you must not sell (his own goods) when his brother has already sold (his goods)", or is it considered legitimate competition?

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Islamic Ruling on Marketing Products through a Competition

A company sells food products and wants to market them through a competition. This competition involves placing vouchers (coupons) inside a certain number of products. After purchase, the customer who finds a voucher inside the product wins an immediate cash prize or a free quantity of the product itself. In light of the teachings of Islamic Law, is this permissible?

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Islamic Ruling on Selling Animal Semen

Is it allowed to sell animal semen, and is there a distinction between this and the Prophet's prohibition concerning taking hire for stallion`s covering?

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Islamic Ruling when the Lender Stipulates Including the Goldsmith's Fee on the Borrower

My sister asked me for a loan, so I want to give her a piece of gold to weigh and sell. When she repays the debt, I will ask her for a piece of gold of my choosing, of the same weight and that she bears the goldsmith`s fee. Is this permissible?

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Islamic Ruling when Owner of Olive Grove Stipulates Taking a Certain Number of Olive Oil Tins after Production

During the olive harvesting season, some owners of olive groves arrange for the payment of olives to those who harvest them, in exchange for a specific number of oil tins (A tin takes around sixteen kilos of olive oil). The owner of the trees might say to the worker, "Harvest my grove, and give me three tins after the extraction of the olive oil." What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Islamic Ruling on Purchasing Fruits before their Ripening with the Intention of Obtaining their Leaves

Some people purchase grapes before their ripening, or, sometimes, before their formation, with the aim of obtaining their leaves. Is such transaction permissible?

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Islamic Ruling on Transferring Furniture Dedicated as Waqf of a Specific Mosque to another Mosque

What is the ruling of Sharia on transferring the furniture, such as prayer rugs and books, dedicated as Waqf to a specific mosque to another mosque?

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Islamic Ruling on Gift Cards in Online Shopping Applications

I work as an intermediary through an application. Among the rewards, there is a card called a "gift card". I buy it for 190 dinars while it is loaded with 212 dinars, and I pay for it through electronic banking. After payment, they send me a code to use on the website when making a purchase. What is the ruling of Sharia on this card?

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Islamic Ruling on Deducting a Service Allowance from the Borrower

We are a charitable organization that was requested by one of the Islamic institutions to offer zero-interest loans. Based on this, we receive a sum of money with the condition that it is provided as revolving zero-interest loans to the beneficiaries and trainees from the organization. A 2% deduction is made from the borrowing beneficiary for the lending organization, and the beneficiary receives the amount with a 2% deduction (as a service fee for the lending organization). The beneficiary is required to repay the full amount along with the 2% discount. Is it permissible to compel the borrower to pay the amount along with the total loan value, unrecoverable to the lending organization, in lieu of services, considering that the 2% will be allocated to the organization`s general expenses: employee salaries, water, electricity, internet? What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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