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Resolutions of Iftaa' Board

Date Added : 23-02-2016

Resolution No.(108) by the Board of Iftaa`, Research and Islamic Studies:
"Ruling on the Islamic Murabaha Employed by the Association of  Jordan Fertilizers Company Employees"
Date: 26/4/1427 AH, corresponding to 24/5/2006 AD.


Answer: All perfect praise be to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds; and may His peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Mohammad and upon all his family and companions.
Having reviewed the trading method employed by the above association, Aqaba branch, the Board made the following remarks:
First: Article (4)"Remarks"
Paragraph(W) states:
According to the method of dealing with the above association, merchants are divided into two kinds:
1) A recognized Merchant:
 He is the one with whom the association reaches an agreement whereby any purchase transaction, from him, is to be conducted through the association, whether directly or by the purchaser himself. By virtue of this agreement, the association is granted a discount against each invoice(a discount in favor of the company, not the purchaser). The agreement also includes settling the amounts due to the merchant in return for trading with him.
 2) An Unrecognized Merchant:
He is the one with whom the association has no trading agreement.
The Iftaa` Board believes that trading with the above recognized merchant violates the sale of Islamic Murabaha in two ways:
First: It isn`t permissible for the purchaser to conclude the contract with the merchant first hand; rather, he must conclude it with the association 
so as for it to buy him the item he wants.
Second: The sale must be conducted between the association and the purchaser with a Murabaha percentage, to be agreed upon by both parties, from the actual price it had paid for the commodity. In other words, without adding the discount percentage offered by the merchant to the association.
Second: Article(5-2), Paragraph(C).
This paragraph stated, "After that, the association`s representative goes to the merchant, owner, to inspect the commodity, then demands delivering it to the purchaser….."
The Board believes that this sale method is impermissible, because it isn`t permissible for the association to sell the commodity to the purchaser, save after it receives it through its representative, and it becomes in its possession and guarantee. After that, it should sell it to the purchaser, then hand it to him, not to demand the merchant to do that.
Third: Article(5-5), paragraph (B):
This article states, "Assignment of the car/ real estate/ as certified at the Traffic Department or the Lands` Registration Department, and registering it in the name of the purchaser………….." 
The Iftaa` Board is of the view that this form of sale isn`t permissible, because the association must possess the car/real estate, and register it, in its name, at the specialized departments(Traffic and Lands Depts.), then sell it to the purchaser, and register it in his name. This is because the Prophet(PBUH) has forbidden selling an item which isn`t in the seller`s possession.
Fourth: Article (5-5), paragraphs( C and D):
These articles stipulate registering the car/ real estate in the name of the purchaser at the above Departments, then the association delivers them to the purchaser.
As indicated above, the Board is of the view that the association is obliged to possess the car/ real estate first, through registering them in its name, at the specialized Departments, then sell them to the purchaser, and register them in his name at the aforementioned Depts. This is because the Prophet(PBUH) has forbidden selling an item which isn`t in the seller`s possession. 
Moreover, remark No.(1), paragraph (D),(5-5), which states: "The real estate is assigned to the association, which has the right to make use of it as a utility or sell it through a verbal agreement with the seller prior to officially assigning it to the purchaser." The Board believes that such an agreement can`t replace the actual possession of the real estate by the association and its registration at the specialized departments.
Fifth:  Article(5-8):
This article addresses trading in services, such as cellular telephone lines and payment of school fees. The Board believes that this kind of trading isn`t permissible, because  Islamic Murabaha pertains to products, and not services. And Allah knows best.


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