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Resolutions of Iftaa' Board

Date Added : 02-11-2015


Resolution No.(47): “Ruling on Giving Cash Prizes to Encourage the Audience to Attend Football Matches“

Date: 15/10/1421 AH corresponding to 10/1/2001 AD.


The Board has received the following question:

What is the ruling of Sharia on organizing a program for cash and in-kind prizes through stadium entering tickets, in accordance with the following:

The first part of the ticket:

Cash prizes through "scratch and win" to motivate sport fans to purchase tickets to attend matches. This idea also promotes tickets and makes them more desirable and so the ordinary people will be encouraged to buy them and attend matches.

The second part of the ticket:

This part is for entering matches, and there will be in-kind prize drawing during matches to encourage the audience to attend.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the sponsoring company will provide gifts in return for placing its logo or advertisements on the ticket.

Answer: All success is due to Allah.

The Board deems that this activity is permissible within the following terms:

1- The price of the ticket doesn`t exceed that determined by the Jordanian Football Federation because of the prizes, so that no extra money is charged against participating in the prize drawing.

2- Making sure that the prizes are provided by the sponsor.

3- The ticket must be purchased with the sole intention of attending the match. And Allah Knows Best.


Iftaa` Board

Chairman of the Iftaa` Board, Chief Justice, Izz Al-Deen Al-Tamimi

 Dr. Mohammad Abu Yahia

Dr. Abdulsalam Al-Abbadi

    Dr. Yousef Gheezaan

Dr. Wasif Al-Bakhri

  Sheikh Saeid Hijjawi

       Sheikh Na`eim Mojahid

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