Birth of the Awaited Prophet
Author : Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassnat
Date Added : 28-08-2023

Birth of the Awaited Prophet


By Secretary General,

Dr. Ahmad Al-Hasanat


The birth of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) was exceptional in the sense that all humanity awaited it. Jews as well as Christians were awaiting that moment with all their hearts. They even knew that he was coming.The moment he was born, the whole universe was illuminated and peace and tranquility prevailed. This sign, led the People of the Book to know that the awaited Prophet was born.

The Jews came to Mdinah before the Prophet (Peace be upon him) was sent with the Message of Islam, because they knew that it is the place where the awaited Prophet will appear. They even threatened the Arabs that they and the awaited Prophet of the end-time will kill them. Abu Na`im reported in {Dala`il An-Nobowah} that Abi Namlah said: "The Jews of  Banu Qurayza mentioned Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) in their books and taught their children his name, attributes, and migration to Madinah. However, when he appeared they became envious, transgressed and met him with denial. Before he was sent with the Message of Islam, they sought his intercession and turned to him for help against the pagan Arabs. It is stated in Sirat Ibn Hisham: "The Jews said: "A Prophet will be sent now and we will follow him and kill you like the people of "`Aad" and "Aram." Since the Prophet (Peace be upon him) descended from the clan of Quraysh, the Jews refused to believe in him." Allah says {What means}: "When there comes to them that which they (should) have recognized, they refuse to believe in it but the curse of God is on those without Faith. Miserable is the price for which they have sold their souls, in that they deny (the revelation) which God has sent down, in insolent envy that God of His Grace should send it to any of His servants He pleases: Thus have they drawn on themselves Wrath upon Wrath. And humiliating is the punishment of those who reject Faith." {Al-Baqarah, 89-90}.


Similarly, the Christians were awaiting the birth of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). As reported by Abu Na`im in {Dala`il An-Nobowah}, Qis Bin Sa`idah stood one day in Makkah and said: "A man from the lineage of Lu`ai Bin Ghalib will be sent to you and he will teach you to worship one God. Should I live to see that, I would be the first to believe in him…" Amongst the Christians who awaited for his arrival of is Waraqah Bin Nawfal who followed the religion of Abraham.


Waraqa gave the Prophet (Peace be upon him) the glad tidings that he (Peace be upon him) is the Prophet of the end-time. When the Prophet (Peace be upon him) returned from the Cave of Hira` trembling, Khadijah (May Allah be pleased with her) called Waraqa to hear what happened with the Prophet (Peace be upon him). Waraqa asked, "O my nephew! What have you seen?" Allah's Messenger (Peace be upon him) described whatever he had seen. Waraqa said, "This is the same one who keeps the secrets (angel Gabriel) whom Allah had sent to Moses. I wish I were young and could live up to the time when your people would turn you out." Allah's Messenger (Peace be upon him) asked, "Will they drive me out?" Waraqa replied in the affirmative and said, "Anyone (man) who came with something similar to what you have brought was treated with hostility; and if I should remain alive till the day when you will be turned out then I would support you strongly."


He (Peace be upon him) was born under Allah`s care. His father died when his mother was pregnant with him and she died when he was an infant. Having lost both his father and mother made him draw closer to Allah and being taken care of and raised by Him the Almighty. Allah says {What means}: "Did He not find thee an orphan and give thee shelter (and care)? And He found thee wandering, and He gave thee guidance. And He found thee in need, and made thee independent." {Ad-Duhah, 6-8}. The Meesenger of Allah said: "My Lord has taught me good manners"


Having taken care of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) means having taken care of his nation. Allah has honored this nation with being Mohammad`s (Peace be upon him). It is the best nation produced (as an example) for humankind. A nation of truth, mercy, and guidance to all humanity. A nation that didn`t tolerate transgression and injustice. A nation whose roots extended from the east to the west, as reflected in the remnants of its glorious civilization. Today, we are in dire need to revive the concepts of mercy and guidance with which the Prophet (Peace be upon him) was sent. This is to be considered worthy of him and his birth becomes truly the birth of a nation. And all praise be to the Lord of the Worlds. 

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