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About the Drawing Offending Almighty Allah

Author : The General Iftaa` Department

Date Added : 25-06-2023

About the Drawing Offending Almighty Allah


All perfect praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds. May His peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Mohammad and upon all his family and companions.

Islam has played a great role in human life as well as in building noble values that spread justice, tolerance, and mercy. Muslims have carried this noble mission throughout the ages, spreading justice and mercy and fulfilling their role in building human civilization. They were torches of guidance and light wherever they settled and traveled.


A group of people exploited the call to confront violence and extremism and attacked Almighty Allah and religious symbols. They launched a fierce attack on Islam in a bid to undermine it and distort its concepts under the pretext of confronting violence and extremism, exploiting the actions of extremists and criminal Takfiris (Those who accuse Muslims to be disbelievers). They portrayed Islam as their enemy and exceeded limits in distorting its image. They sometimes offended Almighty Allah and sometimes our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. In doing so, they are no less extreme than the extremists themselves. In fact, they are working to fan the flames of extremism and ignite sedition and division within society.


We have already stated that extremism has no religion or sect, and that it is strange to Islam, all religions and heavenly laws. Jordan was ahead in warning against this distortion by launching the Amman Message, the message of tolerant Islam, in 2004.


The mockery of Almighty Allah that has been published by some people incites hatred and spreads sedition in the country. This is something that must be stood up against with all firmness and determination. All Muslims bear the responsibility of defending Almighty Allah and speaking out against those who mock Him. This can be done by upholding Quranic ethics, presenting the luminous image of Islam to the world, refuting the doubts that are directed at it, avoiding violence, terrorism, and killing for these things only serve to distort the image of Islam and Muslims.


We, at the General Iftaa` Department, appreciate the measures taken by the government and security agencies to hold accountable those who have insulted Almighty Allah and religious symbols. We also demand that the penalties for those who insult religions be increased within the framework of the law and public order. We also demand that they refrain from inciting sedition and sectarian tensions, so that the call to Allah the Almighty continues to be conducted with wisdom and fair preaching, away from all forms of violence that ignite the fire of sedition.


We call on fellow Jordanians to stand together in the face of calls for violence and extremism and to stay away from spreading malicious rumors and repeating them without considering the consequences and evils that result from them, which could lead to the destruction of society and the undermining of its foundations.


We stress the need to resist all forms of extremism and to fortify our Jordanian society against its diseases, regardless of its source or form.


We also call on the media to play its role in conveying the correct image of Islam and not to follow rumors, and to be careful to consolidate the values of tolerant Islam and highlight its bright image. Experts of this field are responsible for bearing this trust in the best way without distortion, falsification or exaggeration. The word is a dangerous weapon that has two edges. If it is honest, trustworthy and good, it will lead to good and construction. If it is false and corrupt, it will lead to evil and destruction.


We ask Allah the Almighty to keep our country safe and secure, and to protect it from all evils and forms of sedition, revealed and concealed. Indeed, He is the All-Hearing and answers the call of those who invoke Him. And all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.










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