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"Obligatory Prayer in Relation to Isra` and Mi`raj"

Author : Dr. Mohammad bani Taha

Date Added : 25-04-2017

By Dr. Mufti Mohammad Bani Taha

All praise be to Allah Who privileged His Slave and Messenger with the miracle of Isra` and Mi`raj. This great event was meant to comfort, support, and honor Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) where he was shown one of Allah`s countless signs and graces, and may peace and blessings be upon him and his followers. 

Just as the Prophet was honored with Isra` and Mi`raj, so was his nation since the five daily prayers were prescribed in that great journey, and what an honor that is!! The following points shed more light on this subject:

1-The Prophet(PBUH) was taken on this nocturnal journey during "the year of sorrow" in which his beloved wife Khadijah and his uncle and protector Abu Talib died. Moreover, Allah has prescribed prayer as a refuge for every distressed Muslim. Therefore, when distress befalls a Muslim, he should seek refuge in prayer. Hudhaifah said: "When anything distressed the Prophet (PBUH), he prayed."{Abu Dawoud}.
2-Allah's Messenger (PBUH) said, "While I was at Mecca, the roof of my house was opened and Gabriel descended, opened my chest, and washed it with Zamzam water. Then he brought a golden tray full of wisdom and faith and having poured its contents into my chest, he closed it."{Sahih Bukhari}. Similarly, when a Muslim is about to pray, he should clear his heart and soul from worldly concerns, just as he should wash his body and clothes from impurities.
4-Chapter "Al-Isra`" has mentioned al-Masjid al-Aqsa although, at that time, its landmarks were wiped out, and Christians attempted to erase them in order to exasperate the Jews, and no prayer was held there for hundreds of years. Despite all of this, it was called a Masjid since a place dedicated for prayer remains called as such forever due to the greatness of this ritual.
5-The Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) led the other Prophets in prayer during the Isra’ (Night Journey). This indicates that Islamic Law abrogated  former Laws. As a result, prayer, due to its significance, became at the forefront of Islamic Law(Sharia). Just as he(PBUH) led them in prayer, his Law dominated and governed other Laws.
6-The Prophet(PBUH) passed by the Oft-frequented House, which embodies to the people of Heaven what al-Masjid al-Haram embodies to the people of earth. Every day, seventy thousand angels enter that House to pray, but they will return to it only on the Day of Resurrection. Moreover, just as the people of earth observe prayer as an act of worship, so do the people of Heaven.
7-Prayer was prescribed directly from Allah, in the seventh heaven, indicating its greatness and honorable status as the link between the slave and His Lord.
In conclusion, keeping the above points in mind helps the Muslim offer prayers with submissive humbleness that The Lord of The Worlds accepts from him and elevates his status for. We beseech Him to accept our acts of obedience, and the last of our prayers is that All Perfect Praise be to The Lord of The Worlds.

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