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Lessons from the Birth Anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

Author : Dr. Hassan Abu_Arqoub

Date Added : 19-11-2018

Lessons from the Birth Anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)


By Dr. Mufti Hassan Abu Arqoub
The birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad is very close to the heart of every Muslim. Worldwide, Muslims dwell upon the Prophetic biography praising the Prophet (PBUH) in prose and poetry, sending prayers upon him and giving food in celebration.

His birth (Mawlid) teaches us that calling people to the way of Allah requires patience and is never a walk in the park. When a person undertakes this sacred task, he should expect aggression from the stupid and mockery from the common. He could even be attacked by the closest of kin. This is the situation that was experienced by the Prophets (PBUT) including Mohammad (PBUH). In simple terms, this is the legacy of Prophethood, and whoever continues this mission will have a taste of it.

We also learn that good morality has a great impact on people`s acceptance of this call, and this is why the Prophet (PBUH) had the best of morals: merciful, lenient, kind, loving, pious, generous, truthful and honest. People loved him for these beautiful attributes and thus entered into Allah`s religion in crowds. In light of this occasion, the lesson that we should learn is that good morality for the one calling to the way of Allah is like the capital for the trader: once that capital is lost, the trade is rendered stagnant.

Moreover, such a person should have one face, be it with his household or society since, nowadays; we can notice that many people have two faces. This double personality wasn`t part of our Prophet`s morals and thus it doesn`t befit those who are entrusted with continuing his message. Accordingly, a caller to the way of Allah must have one face everywhere and at all times.

Further, we realize that this call entails the exertion of time, effort and wealth on the part of the caller and this is one of the best types of Jihad as calling to the way of Allah and guiding people to the right path become his one and only concern. By this, he alienates his ego and absorbs others because he means to guide them and achieve what`s best for them. 

In addition, we learn that companionship is of key importance, because a person is known by the company he keeps. If his companions are evil, he will be as such, but if they are good, he will be as such too. Accordingly, one should be extra careful when choosing his company, because, obviously, it has a direct effect on the life of the individuals as well as the society. When the Prophet (PBUH) wanted to build the nation of Islam, he was keen on choosing the company that was fit for that mission, and they did succeed in achieving that.

The Prophet`s birth isn`t a mere anniversary; rather, it is a lesson from his biography that we remind ourselves with so that it remains present in our minds. It is similar to a lighthouse that guides one though the pitch-black nights. The Prophet (PBUH) is our role model and the lantern of the truthful callers to Allah.

Celebrating this anniversary stresses the tight bond between the Muslim nation and its leader Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Year after year, we renew our pledge of loyalty to this honorable Prophet (PBUH) and pray that Allah, The Almighty, gathers us with him on the Day of Resurrection, Amen to that.


هذا المقال يعبر عن رأي كاتبه، ولا يعبر بالضرورة عن رأي دائرة الإفتاء العام

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