The Honest Military Model; His Grace Sheikh AbdulKareem Al-Khasawneh
Author : Mahmoud Dabbas
Date Added : 20-01-2022

The Honest Military Model; His Grace Sheikh AbdulKareem Al-Khasawneh




I have no personal relationship with this venerable Sheikh for I have met him once. However, I wanted to write a brief article about him for a couple of reasons. First, highlighting the bright side of Jordan in terms of the public officials who are passionate about its common good. Second, acquainting the reader with this strong, professional character, which is calm in appearance but strong in action. Third, having listened to this charismatic religious leader on the morning radio show "Nawafith."

Although in his eighth decade, this white-bearded, open-faced Sheikh delivers the tasks entrusted to him properly and accurately; not merely sufficing with the reports of his aides.  He also oversees twenty-four Iftaa` offices, which receive hundreds of questions and issues hundreds of answers (Fatwas), located in various districts and governorates of the kingdom. On its own, the General Iftaa` Department follows up and monitors every issue, big or small, circulated via social media, news websites or transmitted by people in their meetings. Definitely, the ruling of Sharia on these is required and must be based on scientific knowledge, the know-how, careful consideration of people`s conditions and the projection of contemporary reality, with all its consequences, on the validity of the Muslim faith for every time and place. This way, it is made sure that the produced Fatwa is fortified against dubiousness and human whims.

In terms of staff, the Iftaa` Department is based on the work and diligence of forty Muftis who keep track of the various administrative as well as socio-economic matters; some of which could reach up to tens of hundreds of pages. They are also in charge of issuing delicate Fatwas that will have a deep, serious impact on life on the level of the individual, group, and community.

The Iftaa` Department receives multiple questions about different topics, such as sale contracts, commercial transactions, and social affairs where askers go in person seeking answers for the latter. This is in addition to issues the Dept. addresses on its own to ward off moral and social corruption.

Actually, it is worth pointing that the Iftaa` Dept. was classified as the first Iftaa` institution during the Corona pandemic, was a key reference in this regard and its fatwas were translated into five languages to serve Muslims all over the world. Moreover, the cooperation between the Department and its counterparts in some Muslim countries is clear evidence on the depth as well as the outstanding quality of its Fatwas.


Taking a closer look at the Department`s high level of professionalism and its tremendous efforts over the past years indicate that it is led by a wise, disciplined, military figure of world class. This is normal because graduates of the military school are of such refined and rare caliber where professionalism comes with discipline, precision, and follow up. Accordingly, Sheikh Abdul Kareem is a living example of this type.

Based on this, will such figures be called to hold sensitive positions that need, in addition to honesty, strength and military discipline?!

We pray that Allah protects His Majesty King Abdullah II, his family, and the people of Jordan.




And all praise be to Allah, The Lord of The Worlds.



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