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Islamic Ruling on Returning from Hajj and still having some Rituals to Complete

I was in Hajj, stood at Arafat, spent the night in Muzdalifah, performed the Jamarat ritual (stoning), and shaved my head. However, I was ill and still is, and couldn't complete the Hajj by performing Tawaf al-Ifadah, Sa'i, and Tawaf al-Wada. Upon entering the state of Ihram, I made the stipulation: "O Allah, I shall be free from Ihram where you detain me." Afterwards, I returned to my home country and Iam now ill and unable to travel to Mecca. Am I considered in state of Ihsar (Obstruction)?

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Ruling when a Pilgrim Passes away or Becomes Terminally Ill before Completing the Hajj Rituals

What is the ruling of Sharia when a pilgrim passes away or becomes terminally ill before completing the rituals of Hajj? In addition, is it permissible to delegate someone to perform Hajj on his or her behalf?

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Ruling on Authorizing a Trusted Entity to Slaughter Obligatory Hady before Assuming Ihram for Hajj

What is the ruling of Sharia on authorizing the Islamic Development Bank to slaughter obligatory Hadys (sacrificial animals in Hajj), Udhiyahs (sacrifices in Eid-ul-adha) and the like during Hajj ?

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