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All Fatawaas

Islamic Ruling on Delegating the Collection and Distribution of Zakat to Charitable Organizations

We are a non-profit charity organization that aims to enhance quality and justice in terms of receiving healthcare services, improving treatment conditions, and promoting the rights of the underprivileged patients. Is it permissible to donate Zakat to the patient fund of the charity so that we can achieve our goal of supporting patients? It is important to note that the funds will not be used for any administrative expenses of the charity whatsoever.

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Islamic Ruling on Praying Alone behind the Row (Congregation)

Is the prayer of the person standing by himself behind the row considered invalid?

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Islamic Ruling on Handling the Books that are in the Mosque

The library of a mosque has become filled with duplicate copies of books that exceed the actual need. What is the ruling on removing these duplicate books from the library to other libraries, considering that they were acquired through purchases from donations provided to the library, gifts from authors, or by dedicating them as Waqf (Islamic endowment) to Allah in general or to the library?

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Islamic Ruling on Fulfilling a Vow before its Condition is Met

I vowed that if I received a certain amount of money from a specific source, I would perform Umrah. However, I performed Umrah- with the intention of fulfilling the vow-before receiving the amount and before the condition was met. Do I need to repeat the Umrah after the condition is fulfilled, or is the Umrah I performed sufficient?

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It isn`t Permissible for the Giver of Zakat to Take from it for himself

I have a grocery store, and I share it with my brother and sister. We have accumulated a sum of money designated for emergencies because we don't have health insurance. The date of the Zakat due on that sum is approaching, and our salaries are not sufficient for our expenses. Is it permissible for us to take from the Zakat due on that sum?

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Islamic Ruling on Reciting Qunut Supplication in Prayers and the Manner of its Performance

What is the Islamic ruling on reciting Qunut supplication in prayers and praying for the people of Gaza?

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Transferring Zakat to another Country is Permissible if there is a General and Urgent Need

Is it permissible to pay Zakat to the people of Gaza and delegate charities to deliver it to them?

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Islamic Ruling on the Prayer of the Person whose Mind is Impaired

Is prayer obligatory for an elderly woman who is suffering from memory loss, taking into consideration the fact that family members assist her in the prayer's tenets?

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Islamic Ruling on Woman Covering her Face and Hands in Prayer

Is a woman required to uncover her hands or fingers during the Tashahhud in prayer?

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The Difference between the Poor and the Needy from an Islamic Perspective

Which type of the poor is eligible to receive Zakah (Obligatory charity)?

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Islamic Ruling on the Sequence of Washing Wudu` Parts for someone Immersed in Water

If someone submerges entirely in water, does it suffices as a substitute for ablution (wudu), and is the order or sequence to be followed in washing the wudu` parts in this case taken into consideration?

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Reciting Al-Fatiha with its Entire Letters is an Obligation in Obligatory Standing (Qiyam)

Some prayer performers start reciting Al-Fatiha when rising for the next Rak'ah before fully standing upright. Consequently, the phrase (Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem) or a part of it may occur before completing the standing position. Is their prayer valid?

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Zakat on Wealth is Obligatory, even if its Owner is Unaware of it

A person passed away 15 years ago, and financial amounts were discovered in banks, as well as stocks and profits. Is Zakat obligatory on this wealth, and how is it calculated?

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Islamic Ruling on Prolonging Qunut Supplication during Fajr Prayer

What is the ruling of Sharia on prolonging Qunut supplication during Fajr prayer?

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Conditions for Performing Hajj or Umrah on Behalf of a Sick Person

Is it allowed to delegate someone to perform Umrah on behalf of our sick father with the intention that Allah confers recovery upon him?

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