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Islamic Ruling on Using Verses of Quran as Evidence on Corona Virus

What is the Islamic ruling on interpreting the Quran without  meeting the required knowledge through using certain verses as evidence on corona virus and circulating that via social media where some use the word "Trumpt" as a name to the virus while others use "Over it are Nineteen" in reference  to it?

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It is Prohibited to Interpret Sharia Texts without having the Specialized Knowledge What is the ruling on interpreting Sharia texts against their apparent meaning as a pretext to attack women? • Read More
Ruling on Praying in a Mosque in which there is a Grave "When (the people of the city) disputed of their case among themselves, they said: Build over them a building; "{Al-Kahf, 21}. Does this verse refer to the permissibility of building mosques over graves, as is the case in several Muslim countries? And does Islamic Sharia approve of this? • Read More
Interpretation of the Abbreviated Letters in the Holy Quran Is the interpretation of the abbreviated letters in the Quran open for Ijtihad{ Independent reasoning }, or none knows their meaning but Almighty Allah ? • Read More
Interpretation of the Verse "(The Captives) whom their Right Hand Possess"

What is the interpretation of the verse "(The Captives) whom their Right Hand Possess"? And was this phenomena abrogated or prohibited by any of the Islamic legislations?

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