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Subject : Does Swallowing Mucus Nullify one`s Fasting?

Fatwa Number : 940

Date : 03-11-2010

Classified : Things which Invalidate Fasting

Fatwa Type : Search Fatawaa

Question :

What is the ruling when a person swallows his/her mucus while fasting in Ramadan?

The Answer :

Shafi`i scholars are of the view that swallowing mucus voluntarily after it reaches the throat invalidates fasting. However, Hanafi and Maliki scholars believe that it doesn`t, even if it reached the tongue.
"If he swallowed mucus after he had cleared it from his throat to his mouth, his fasting is considered valid."{Rad Al-Mohtar,(2/400)}.
An`Nafrawi, a Maliki scholar, stated: "Mucus is cleared out of the chest and reaches the tip of the tongue, then it is swallowed, even if it could be spitted it out, and a person`s fasting remains valid and he/she isn`t obliged to make up for that day. However, this contradicts with the view of Khalil who ruled that a person who could spit mucus out, but swallowed it is obliged to make up for the fast of that day."{Al-Fawakeh Al-Dawani, 1/209}.
In conclusion, a person could spit mucus out or it could be difficult for him to do so:
1-If he could spit it out then he isn`t allowed to swallow it, and if he did swallow it then his fasting is invalidated according to our Madhab (Shafi`i school of thought).
2-If he couldn`t spit it out then swallowing it doesn`t render his fasting invalid. And Allah knows best.



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