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Subject :

Fatwa Number : 1048

Classified : Voluntary Prayer

Fatwa Type : Summarized Fatawaa

Question :

What is the difference between Tahajjud prayer and night prayer, and do they have a particular Witr prayer other than that of Isha`a ?

The Answer :

Tahajjud and Qiyam-al-Lail (night prayer) are two words for the same meaning which is offering voluntary prayer at night after sunset, but before dawn break. However, Tahajjud is offered after waking up; whereas, Qiyam-al-Lail is permissible before sleeping, or after it. Therefore, every Tahajjud is a Qiyam, but not every Qiyam is a Tahajjud. Moreover, there is no specified Witr for both of them, but Witr after Isha`a is by itself the Witr of Qiyam, and it is a Sunnah to postpone it until after Qiyam if the worshiper thought that he was most probably going to wake up in order to offer it, but if he wasn`t sure of waking up, then he is at liberty to offer it before going to bed as was reported in the Prophet`s Hadith.



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