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Resolutions of Iftaa' Board

Date Added : 05-10-2015

Resolution No.(209)(19/2014), by The Board of Iftaa', Researches and Islamic Studies:  

"The Administrative Fees Charged on UJ`s Staff Provident Fund"

Date: 30/ Zulqidah/1435 A.H, corresponding to 25/9/2014 A.D


All perfect praise be to Allah. Blessings and peace be upon Prophet Mohammad and upon his family and companions.

The Board of Iftaa`, Research and Islamic Studies reviewed, in its twelfth session held on Thursday (30/ Zulqidah/1435 A.H)-(25/9/2014 A.D), the letter of His Excellency the President of Jordan University which reads as follows:

UJ`s staff provident fund committee decided, on its session No.(4/2014), to address the General Iftaa` Department so as to obtain their religious ruling on deducting (50)JDs. out of each (1000)JDs. from the sums given by the above Fund for the zero-interest loans, and it suggests that the administrative fees be within the following formula (charging (25)JDs. on each loan transaction regardless of the value, or the duration of that loan) ?

After careful study and deliberation, the Board decided what follows:

It is permissible to adjust the administrative fees charged on good-will loans so that they would become a fixed sum which is separated from the loan`s value, or duration, provided that this sum covers the administrative fees only, without any increase as a profit. And Allah Knows Best.


Head of the Iftaa` Board: The  Grand Mufti  of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan His Grace Sheikh Abdulkareem Al-Khassawwneh

Vice head of the Iftaa` Board: Prof. Ahmad Hilayel

Prof. Hayel Abdulhafeez/ Member

Prof. Abdulnasser Abu Al-Bassal

His Eminence Sheikh Sa`eed Hijjawi/ Member

Dr. Yahia Al-Bottoosh/Member

Prof. Mohammad Al-Qudah/Member

Dr. Mohammad Al-Khalayleh/Member

Dr. Mohammad Al-Z`oubee/Member

Dr. Wassif Al-Bakhri/Member


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