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Islamic Ruling Regarding the Person who Commits a Major Sin and their Fate in the Hereafter

What is the ruling of Islamic Sharia on the person who commits major sins, and what is their fate in the Hereafter? Actually, my husband engages in sinful behavior and persists in doing actions that displease Allah. When I tell him that these actions are major sins and advise him to fear Allah for my sake and his children`s , he responds by saying that he is dutiful to his parents and that he will enter paradise for this righteous deed. Could you please provide guidance on this matter?

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Islamic Ruling on Person who Abandons Prayer and on Associating with such Person

I work and live with a group of young men. One of them doesn't pray, so we advised him about the importance of prayer. In fact, I only discuss this matter with him when he brings it up, as my intention is only to give advice. Is it a sin to eat and drink with him?

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Multiplication of Rewards and Sins at Sacred Places and in Sacred Times

Are rewards and sins multiplied during the Sacred Months and in the sacred precincts of Makkah and Madinah?

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Ruling on Mocking People Afflicted with a Disease

What is the ruling on mocking people afflicted with a disease? And should the person who committed this sin make repentance and ask for forgiveness?


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Extravagance in Food

What is the ruling on extravagance in food?

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Sins and their Means of Forgiveness

When a Muslim commits a sin, what is his punishment in the Hereafter and how can he avoid it? Are there sins that Allah the Almighty wouldn`t forgive as some sinners despair of His mercy?

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Ruling on Accusing Muslims of Disbelief and Killing them for that

What is the ruling of Sharia on accusing Muslims of disbelief and killing them for that?

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Polluting Water in all Forms is Prohibited

What is the ruling on polluting water resources?

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Ruling on "Honor" Killings

What is the ruling of Sharia on what is known as "honor" killings?

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Ruling on Falsifying a Medical Report for the Purpose of Getting a Job

I got an job contract offer with a better salary. As expected, medical examinations were a must and I have hepatitis whereas this was a big hindrance to obtain the job; meanwhile, a person offered me a negative medical report in return of some cash. What is the ruling of Sharia in this regard?

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All Forms of Water Theft are Forbidden

What is the ruling of Sharia regarding water theft?

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Ruling on Killing Muslims by Muslim Outlaws under the Pretext of Apostasy

What is the ruling on killing Muslims by Muslim outlaws under the pretext of apostasy?

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Chastising with Fire is Prohibited

Is it permissible to chastise a human by means not mentioned in the Holy Quran?

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It`s Unlawful to Insult any of the Prophet's Companions

Who is called a Sahabi (a companion of the Prophet`s) in Islamic Sharia, and what is the ruling on reviling the Sahabi Mo`awiah Bin Abi Sofian, and describing him as the one who undermined the unity of the Muslims ?

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Ruling on Wasteful Use of Water

What is the ruling of Sharia on wasteful use of water?

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