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Fatwas on Shares

Islamic Ruling on Dealing in Shares

Ruling on Buying Stocks by Installments

Trading in Shares (Mudarabah)

Ruling on Subscribing in Some Companies

Ruling on Spreading Rumors to Increase Stock Prices

Ruling on Mudarabah with Shares and how to Calculate their Zakah

Zakah of Shares is Based on their Kind

It is more Prudent to Give the Zakah of Shares Based on their Price

Inherited Conventional Banks' Stocks from His Father

Resolution No.(62) "Making Repentance after having Purchased Stocks of a non-Islamic Bank"

Resolution No.(87) “ Ruling on Purchasing Stocks of a non-Islamic Bank “

Resolution No. (271):"Ruling on Holding Shares in Companies whose Business is a Mixture of Lawful and Unlawful Transactions "