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Ruling on the Murabaha Contract of the Social Security Foundation Employees' Housing Fund
What is the ruling of Sharia on the Social Security Foundation Employees' Housing Fund (See attached copy)?
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Ruling on the Murabaha Contract of the "Money for Finance" Company

Would you clarify the ruling of Sharia on the contract of Murabaha to the purchase orderer of the "Money for Finance" Company; see attached copy?

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Ruling on Taking Guarantees from the Purchase Orderer before Receiving the Commodity from the Seller

We deal with an Islamic financial institution through a contract of Murabaha to the purchase orderer. However, this institution insists that we sign the contract and the promissory notes before it (bank) receives the commodities from the seller. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Ruling on Reducing Murabaha Ratio for Previous Funding

An investment fund finances employees in the form of Murabaha to purchase orderer up to eight years. Currently, the fund is reviewing the Murabaha* ratios and is expected to reduce the ratios for future contracts by one percentage point compared to the Murabaha ratio currently applied. Accordingly, is it permissible to reduce the Murabah ratio for the old funding and is this reduction compatible with the expected reduction for the future Murabaha ratio?

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Ruling on the Contracts of Aoun Islamic Finance

Would you clarify the ruling regarding the contracts of Aoun Islamic Finance whereas they consist of: a promise by the purchaser orderer, a contract of buying the goods that are intended to be financed by their owners and goods sale contract throughout Murabaha to the purchase orderer? 

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Ruling on Charging an Additional Amount against Delaying Payment

I have purchased a car through an Islamic bank on basis of Murabaha and I want to delay paying off next month`s installment. However, the bank employee told me that I have to pay ten JDs as a fee. Is this permissible?

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Ruling on Good Wings Association's Contract

Would you clarify the ruling on the attached contract of Good Wings Association?

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Ruling on Providing the Service of Paying University Fees on Instalments Using Murabaha

Is it permissible for a staff provident fund to provide its members with the service of paying their university fees on instalments using Murabah?

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Ruling on Building Decorations for Stores through Murabaha

What`s the ruling on financing stores' decorations through Murabaha sale/transaction?

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Ruling on Financing Customs Duty through Murabaha

What is the ruling on financing customs duty, levied on imported products, through Murabaha as done by some Islamic banks which sell goods to customer through a Murabaha contract, then offer covering the due customs through Murabaha as well and for the same percentage of the first contract?

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Validity of Murabaha Contract Depends on Meeting Certain Conditions Stipulated in Sharia


A trader has asked me to bring him goods from China since he doesn`t have the money to do so. He added me to a mortgage deed and I wrote him a post-dated cheque until we returned from that country. We have also agreed on a fixed percentage of profit. Accordingly, we went to China, he choose the goods, I paid for them and took responsibility of delivering them to Amman. Moreover, he gave me cheques that covered the whole amount I had given him, in addition to the profit. What is the ruling of Sharia on this transaction?

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Ruling on Murabaha against Conducting Feasibility Studies

Is it permissible for the financer to collect Murabaha (Resale with a stated profit) against conducting Feasibility studies?

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