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Using Female Donkey's Milk in Manufacturing Soap

What is the ruling on using female donkey's milk in manufacturing soap and in treating several skin diseases such as: Eczema, Dermatodyschoria and treatment of burns noting that the chemical formula of the milk changes after adding Sodium Hydroxide material to it by which the substance of milk itself is no longer recognized?

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Ruling on Killing Dogs and Ruling on their Impurity Does a dog transmit impurity? Does touching a dog invalidate ablution? Is it permissible to kill and mutilate? • Read More
Ruling on Praying While One's Clothes are Soiled with Blood Is one`s prayer valid when performed while there is blood on his/her clothes ? • Read More
Ruling on the Water Coming from Impure Clothes What is the ruling on the water which comes from impure clothes during washing? • Read More
Sharia Ruling on Using Liquid Hand Sanitizer Containing Alcohol

What is the Sharia ruling on using liquid hand sanitizer containing alcohol?

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Is it true that whatever is dry is pure even if there was impurity on it ? • Read More
Is it permissible for someone who has forgotten to mention the supplication pertaining to answering the call of nature to say it while in the toilet ? • Read More
Is washing the private part after urinating(Istinjaa`) a condition, and is it done with water and soap, or with water only? • Read More
Ruling on Using Remnants from Filthy Water Purification as Fuel for Manufacturing Cement

Is it permissible to use remnants from filthy water purification as fuel for manufacturing cement knowing that these substances are bought, carried, and circulated, in addition to mixing their residue with the cement itself?

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Registering Names on Containers of Medical Samples What is the ruling on writing patients` names on containers with urine, stool or blood samples for analysis; especially if they (The names) included some of Allah's attributes. For example, Abdullah and Abdurahman? • Read More
Ruling on the Remnants of Feces after Performing Istinjaa' When I go defecate or answer the call of nature, some remnants of feces and urine are hard to remove. Does this affect the validity of ablution? • Read More
Ruling on Using some Cosmetics What`s the ruling on using the following materials in manufacturing cosmetics: olive oil, Vaseline, talc powder, glycerin, honey, almond oil, pine oil, galingale and marjoram? • Read More
Ruling on what Comes out of Baby`s Mouth before Reaching its Stomach Is what comes out of a baby`s(Male/female) mouth directly after being breastfed considered impure vomit, and that if it landed on someone`s clothes, it becomes imperative on that person to make Wudu`(Ablution)? • Read More
Ruling on Urinating Standing up What is the ruling on urinating standing up? • Read More