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Ruling when Woman Observing Iddah Travels for a Necessity

What is the ruling of Sharia when the woman observing Iddah, after divorce or death of husband, travels for a necessity?

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Husband-Wife Relationship during Iddah

What is the relationship between husband and wife during Iddah (Waiting period undergone by a woman after a divorce or death of her husband) taking into consideration that the Iddah was over and the husband didn`t take her back, so the divorced changed from Raj`i into Ba`in Bainonah Soghra?

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The House where a Widow is Required to Observe her Iddah

A husband and his wife left to Turkey for temporary residence. They stayed in a rented flat. Unfortunately, the husband passed away. If the wife returned home to her children and husband`s house, does this violate the rules of Sharia concerning her Iddah?

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Ruling on Divorced Woman Staying at Marital Home after Expiry of Iddah

What is the ruling when an irrevocably divorced woman stays at marital home with her children while the father is living alone in a nearby house?

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Ruling on Leaving Husband`s House during Iddah

My mother is observing Iddah because my father has passed away. Is it permissible that she leaves house to check on her sick mother?

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A Widow isn't Allowed to Travel for Hajj or Umrah during Iddah

My husband died and I am now observing Iddah, is it permissible for me to travel for Hajj since I have never performed it before ?

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Woman whose Husband has died must Observe Iddah at Marital Home and has no Right to Maintenance
My father has recently passed away. He used to live with my mother-in-law at a house owned by my brother. Where should she observe her Iddah, knowing that she has no Mahrams? If my brother wanted his house back, is she allowed to continue her Iddah at another house? Also, is she entitled to the furniture since most of it was gifted to my father and it isn`t part of her bridal gift (Mahr)?
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The Iddah of a Pregnant Woman Ends when her Pregnancy Ends

A woman was widowed in her eighth month of pregnancy. Does her Iddah end when she gives birth or after four months and ten days?

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What is the Iddah period upon death of husband? What is the ruling when the woman observing Iddah after death of husband leaves her home to visit relatives although her Iddah hasn`t ended? What is the ruling on her wearing gold during Iddah period?

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When Iddah is Initiated for Deceased's Wife

When Iddah (Waiting period) is Initiated for Deceased's Wife 

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Is it permissible for the woman who is observing Iddah after the death of her husband to exchange calls with her relatives and husband`s family call?

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Is it permissible for a woman who is observing `Iddah(waiting period) due to the death of her husband to travel for performing Umrah(Minor Hajj)? • Read More
Is it incumbent on a wife whose husband hasn`t gone to bed with her(for sexual intercourse) for many years to observe `Iddah(waiting period) upon his death? • Read More
Is it permissible for a man to propose to a woman during her `Iddah(waiting period)? • Read More
Is it permissible for a woman who is in her `Iddah (waiting period) due to the death of her husband to go out and mix with non-Mahrams(Marriageable men)? • Read More