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Fatawaa - Search Sections - Proposing (for marriage)

The Restrictions of Suitors' Relationship

What are the permissible matters during engagement and within the boundaries of Muslim families' customs and habits earlier than the conclusion of marriage contract at the court? 

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Reciting Al-Fatihah upon Engagement and Conclusion of Marriage Contract

What is the ruling of Sharia on reciting Al-Fatihah upon engagement and at the conclusion of the marriage contract?

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Marriage should be Based on Consultation between Parents and Children

Is it permissible for parents to prevent the marriage of their children without a valid reason?

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My maternal aunt`s son is living abroad; however, both our families have recited Al-Fatehah declaring our engagement. We have been engaged for three months, but the marriage contract wasn`t concluded because he couldn`t come to Jordan since my mother and brothers are abroad. Is it allowed that he sees my picture without Hijab knowing that the marriage contract will be concluded at the first opportunity?

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Some Reasons for Success in Choosing a Life Partner

From the perspective of Sharia, what are the aspects to be taken into consideration when choosing the future wife?

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A Young Man Working with the Securities Commission has Proposed to her

I`m single and was proposed to by a young man who works for the Securities Commission. Actually, I don`t know much about the nature of his job or whether it is lawful or unlawful. Do I incur sin if I accept marrying him? 

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What is Permissible for the Suitor to See of the Woman before the Wedding

: What is allowed for the woman to uncover to her suitor before the wedding?

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Reciting Al-Fatihah doesn`t Mean Conclusion of Marriage Contract

I would like to propose to my aunt`s daughter, but my family and I want to recite Al-Fatihah for now to secure the approval of her family. However, she keeps telling me that I don`t have the right to meddle in her private affairs or her outfit. Is it my right to meddle in her affairs and forbid her from committing iniquities? What is the ruling of Sharia in this regard?

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Making Marriage Proposal to Irrevocably Divorced Woman during Her Iddah Period

What is the ruling on proposing to a woman who was divorced irrevocably (Triple divorce) and during her Iddah?

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Should he Tell his Fiancé that the Surgery which he has had could Affect their Ability to have Children?

I have had an operation to remove a tumor from my lower abdomen. After that, I lost my ability to have children. A year later, I had another surgery and, thanks to Allah, it was successful and doctors told me that I can have children. I proposed to two women and told them about what happened to me, but their parents refused fearing that I could still be sterile. Now, I`m about to propose to a new woman. Should I tell her about that surgery to avoid being turned down or it isn`t permissible to do so?

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Is it Permissible for the Muslim Woman to Offer Herself in Marriage?

I`m a devout Muslim woman. The environment where I live contains a great deal of temptations. I hope that Allah blesses me with a righteous husband, but I feel that I don`t deserve that. My desire for marriage drove me to sign on a social networking site, so a man reached out to me and asked to meet in a public place. Is this permissible?

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