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Fatawaa - Search Sections - "Waqf "Property Endowed for Charitable Causes

Islamic Ruling on Paying the Rent of the Imam`s Residence from the Donations Fund

Considering that the Imam resides outside the boundaries of the mosque, is it permissible to pay the rent of the his residence from the mosque`s donations fund?

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Islamic Ruling on Transferring Furniture Dedicated as Waqf of a Specific Mosque to another Mosque

What is the ruling of Sharia on transferring the furniture, such as prayer rugs and books, dedicated as Waqf to a specific mosque to another mosque?

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Guidelines for the Disbursement of Donations

In one of the European countries, there is a rented mosque, and a decision was made to demolish the it for road expansion. We have collected donations to build a new one, and some individuals have been sent to cities and other countries to collect donations to reach the required amount. Is it permissible for them to use some of the money for travel expenses and to purchase food because they are dedicated to collecting donations within a specific timeframe? Additionally, is the money collected considered an endowment if the donor intends it to be used for building the mosque? We are aware that endowments have specific rules. What is the ruling on increasing the wealth of endowments or charity funds, such as buying something and then selling it at a profit to increase the funds?

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Is Building a Diwan for the Family Considered a Continuous Charity?

What is the ruling on building a private diwan (Building for family meetings) for a family to hold social events with public benefit, and is donating to build the diwan considered a continuous charity (sadaqah jariyah) or not?

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The Condition of the Waqif (Donor) is Considerable within the Waqf`s (Endowment`s) Intended Purpose

A mosque was constructed through a donation, and a condition was stipulated in the legal documentation of the mosque's endowment (waqf) that supplications be made for the person who built the mosque by name, as well as for anyone who builds a mosque for the sake of Allah, during every Friday sermon. Is this supplication obligatory?

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Islamic Ruling on the Waqf of Animals (Sheep) and Benefitting from it

Before passing away, my father told us to dedicate some sheep as Waqf (Religious endowment) and sell their male produce. Half of the price is to be given for charity on his behalf and the other half is to be spent on the fodder and water of the Waqf sheep. We have been doing this for almost 18 years; however, the rise in the price of barely made it difficult to cover their expenses knowing that they have become 13 sheep. Is it allowed to sell them and give the money for charity on behalf of our late father?

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Detailed Rulings of Family Waqf

A man endowed his properties for the benefit of his family members. Are his children (Males and females) entitled to benefit from this Waqf? Are the children of his daughters entitled to benefit from it as well? Can a beneficiary sell or rent out his/her benefit from the Waqf?

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Ruling when Beneficiaries Take two Shares from Waqf Revenues

Some Waqf beneficiaries who meet the conditions of the donor get to take two shares; one from the mother`s side and another from the father`s. Is this permissible or they are only entitled to a share from one parent?

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Disposition of Waqf Revenues after the First Generation/Layer of Beneficiaries Becomes Extinct

If the first generation/layer of the Waqf beneficiaries become extinct, are the revenues distributed on the children of the sons only or this includes the children of the daughters, from the next generations or layers?

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Ruling when some of the Waqf Beneficiaries are Unknown

What is the ruling of Sharia in case some of the Waqf beneficiaries were unknown? Should their shares be kept until they appear or be divided amongst the rest of the beneficiaries?

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Manner of Distributing Waqf Revenues to Beneficiaries

How should the revenues of Waqf be distributed to beneficiaries if the Waqf donor hasn`t mentioned a certain manner of distribution? Does the male get twice the share of the female? Or they get equal shares irrespective of gender? 

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Ruling on Disposing of Mosque Furniture and Equipment

What is the ruling when the Imam or mosque committee dispose of the mosque`s properties and equipments, such as chairs, by gifting or lending leading to their damage or loss in their value?

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The Difference between Endowed and Donated Assets

We are a group of custodians on a building and its assets which are given as endomwnent whereas someone wanted to buy one of them (a fridge) for 50 Jd. Are we permitted to sell it or the price limit has to be set earlier by a trust-worthy expert to ensure having the best price? What is the legal method to sell them or to sell any asset affiliated with the above endowment?

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Changing an Endowment isn`t Permissible

A Zakat committee intends to use a mosque`s accommodation (Which isn`t fit for living as indicated by the report of the Ministry of Awqaf). Thus, it was suggested that the committee rents an accommodation for the Imam at its expense, or pays a rent in return for using that accommodation in delivering its various activities, or that a doer of charitable actions rents a house for that Imam. The reason for this is that the Zakat committee is precisely against the mosque itself, serves the people of that neighborhood in specific and there aren`t vacant flats near that mosque. What is the Islamic ruling on this?

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Donating to Charity Projects (Health & Education) is a Form of Continuous Charity

What is the ruling of Sharia on urging citizens to donate to charity projects-other than mosques-such as schools, primary health care centers or economic projects whose revenues are to be spent according to the conditions of the donor to help alleviate poverty and unemployment?

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