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Conservation of Water and Rationalization of Consumption is an Obligation and a Collective Responsibility

What is the religious duty of a person as regards rationalizing the consumption of groundwater, and is one considered sinful for not doing that?

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Ruling on Using Social Media Accounts After the Death of their Owners

 I noticed that the accounts of my deceased friends are being used or taken by their heirs. Is it an invasion of privacy? And is possessing them by the heirs considered legal from Sharia's perspective?

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Ruling on Executing Rabid Dogs

What is the ruling on killing rabid dog?

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Ruling on Women`s Nomination and Election

Is it permissible for a man to vote for a woman? And what`s intended by the Prophet`s Hadith: "A people who make a woman their ruler will never be successful."?

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Informing about Water Leakage is a Social Responsibility and a Collective Duty

What is the ruling on informing the concerned authorities about water leakage in public places?

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Insanity and Mental Illness won't Render Castration Permissible

My son suffers from PKU (Pheneyl Keton Uria); a severe mental illness and sometimes it is combined with severe sexual excitation seizures which harms him as well his family. Is surgical intervention (Castration) permissible in this case or any proper procedure undertaken by doctors in order to mitigate his sexual lust?

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No Virtue in Informing People about the Start Date of Ramadan in Advance

I received a message stating that Ramadan will start on the twenty-seventh of next May. This message is based on the Hadith that whoever does so will be forbidden to Hellfire. What is the ruling on circulating such message?

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Ruling on Re-using Empty Wine Bottles

What is the ruling of Sharia on re-using empty wine bottles after cleaning them and removing their labels?

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Ruling on Using Wi-Fi without a Permission

What is the ruling on using a [Wi-Fi] without getting the owner's permission? Are the materials , such as applications, files..etc, downloaded from this network considered unlawful and so they should be discarded?

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Diverting Rainwater into the Sewerage System

What is the Islamic ruling on diverting rainwater directly into the sewerage system, taking into consideration the fact that water resources in our country are limited?

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Some Parameters that Govern Advertising Logos

We are a number of partners who wish to inaugurate an Islamic kindergarten, but we have differed as to the permissibility of using the following slogan, "From Mosque to Heaven". Does Islamic Sharia ban such a logo?

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Performing Ablution with Water Endowed for Drinking isn`t Permissible

What is the ruling of Shari`ah on performing ablution with water endowed for drinking?

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All Forms of Water Theft are Forbidden

What is the ruling of Sharia regarding water theft?

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Ruling on Making an Animal a Shooting Target

Some trainees make animals as targets, so they cut and hurt them, then they kill them after the training is completed. What is the ruling of Sharia in this regard?

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An Example of Online Auction and its Related Restrictions

I would like to work for an online public auction site where visitors can surf the auctioned items free of charge; however, if they wanted to bid, then each of them has to pay a non-refundable fee, which ranges from half a dollar to two dollars, charged against running the auction and making profit. This transaction could end with making profit or incurring loss, but we are obligated to sell items according to closing bid. What is the ruling of Sharia in this regard?

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