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Fatawaa - Search Sections - Conditions of marriage

Ruling on Woman or her Guardian Asking for Separation on Grounds of Husband`s Unfitness

Is it permissible for a woman`s guardian to ask for separating her from husband because the latter drinks and owns a license for selling liquor?

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In Principle, the Divorcee or the Widow is Allowed to Marry

What is the ruling on preventing a widow or a divorcee from marrying? and does she have the right to marry a new husband?

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Ruling on the Marriage of the Insane

What is the ruling of Sharia on the marriage of the insane?

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A Person Performing Umrah is Prohibited to Conclude Marriage Contract before Making Tahallul from Entering the State of Ihram

My sister went to Mecca 8 years ago for the purpose of performing Umrah (Minor pilgrimage) but she didn’t perform all the rituals of it due to exhaustion. Afterwards, a suitor proposed to her and they concluded marriage contract. Is this contract null? And what is due on her? 

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Ruling on Marrying the Woman with whom he had Committed Zina

Is it permissible for a man to marry the woman with whom he had committed Zina (Adultery/fornication)?

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Whish is Better: Marrying a Non-Muslim Woman and Receiving Reward for her Converting to Islam or Marrying a Muslim Woman?

Which is better: Marrying a Non-Muslim Woman and Receiving Reward for her Converting to Islam or Marrying a Muslim Woman?

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Is it permissible for a Christian man to embrace Islam in secret and is it permissible for a Muslim woman to marry him?

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I`m a Muslim woman and have fallen in love with a Christian man. Supposing that he embraced Islam. Is it permissible that he proposes to me?

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 By slip of the tongue, my son cursed Allah. It is worth pointing that he has concluded his marriage contract recently, but haven`t consummated the marriage. What is the position of Sharia on this? 

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Ruling on Married Under a Fake Name

My husband told me that he concluded our marriage with a fake name that belongs to another person, because he was sentenced. Nowadays, he brought an ID, passport and birth certificate with the his current name. What is the ruling on being married to him?

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A Social Issue Concerning Marriage

I hold  a degree in engineering and have been working in this field for the past two years. A young man, head of a computing department, has  proposed to me. He is educated, financially stable and lives his in a house of his own next to my parents’. However, my parents refused him because he is less educated than me, doesn`t have a car at present and comes from a poor, wretched family. I feel so frustrated because I couldn`t convince my parents to approve of him. Could you please guide me to the right course of action?

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