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Islamic Ruling on Marketing Products through a Competition

A company sells food products and wants to market them through a competition. This competition involves placing vouchers (coupons) inside a certain number of products. After purchase, the customer who finds a voucher inside the product wins an immediate cash prize or a free quantity of the product itself. In light of the teachings of Islamic Law, is this permissible?

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Islamic Ruling on Gifts Presented to Medical Doctors

I am the owner of a baby formula agency, and I want to promote my products by giving gifts to midwives in hospitals, knowing that most formula companies engage in this practice. If I don't do this, I won't be able to continue in the market. Is this permissible according to Sharia?

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Ruling when a Father Registers Part of his Property in the Name of his Son for a Specific Reason

What is the ruling when a father registers part of his property in the name of his disabled son who needs constant treatment?

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Ruling on Scholarships Offered by Schools to Students on the Condition of Academic Excellence

What is the ruling of Sharia on the agreement concluded between a school and parents whereby the former offers a scholarship to the latter and return a percentage of the tuition fees to them on the condition that their children achieve a rate of (95%)? However, in case a student failed to achieve this average, he/she doesn`t qualify for the scholarship.

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Dividing one`s Property among his Children in his Life

A man has divided his lands among his children. Does this require witnesses? Should this be recorded in written form? Is ownership transferred to the children on the spot, or after registration at the Lands Department? Is it the right of any of the children to relinquish his share after the death of the father?

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Canceling the Remission of Son's Debts by Father is Impermissible

I was remitted from a debt by my father, but he bequeathed before passedaway that I should defray it. Am I obliged to fulfill his bequest?

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Adherence of Charitable Organization to Conditions of Donor

We are a relief agency that takes care of orphans(Guardianship). What is the ruling of Sharia when the donations made to a particular orphan are spent on others or saved in the agency`s account where the revenue goes to the benefit of all orphans depending on the programmes and activities run by the agency. This is due to the fact that spending that sum in favour of the orphan for whom the donation was made in the first place wasn`t possible because he didn`t deserve it, passed away, travelled or any other reason?

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Ruling on Taking back a Gift the Father had Offered to his Son

What is the ruling of Sharia on taking back a gift the father had offered to his sons and is he allowed to take back a waiver?

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Money Due to Subscribers of Takaful Funds is a Gift and doesn`t Undergo the Rulings of Inheritance

Is the money paid by the Takaful Funds of the syndicates in case of a subscriber`s death considered from his estate where it can be divided amongst his heirs? Or can it be placed in the possession of certain heirs after his death, and isn`t considered a part of his wealth? Is it permissible for the syndicate to pay that money to a particular heir upon the request of the deceased?

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Excluding Undutiful Son from Father’s Endowment is Permissible

Am I permitted to transfer all of my properties during my lifetime to my dutiful wife and sons and exclude my 3 daughters due to their rebellious attitude, bad manners, unveiling their Hijab and finally abandoning me? 

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Ruling on Taking Back a Study Grant if the Student Violated its Conditions

A government body grants M.A and Ph.D. grants to distinguished students in Jordan, and these cover registration and credit hours fees. This is in addition to offering them salaries in return for dedicating their time and effort in studying. They do not have to repay these funds as long as they honor the conditions stipulated in the grant`s agreement, and some of these conditions are: a student must maintain an excellent mark record, and in case he/she fails to do so, then he/she must give back all of the paid funds in addition to a 50% of the total sum as a fine. What is the ruling on repaying the funds of the grant in case of failure to honor the conditions stipulated in the agreement, and what is the ruling on paying 50% from the total as a fine ?

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The Donation isn't Abiding save after being Received

My father intended to raise the percentage given to my brother from a jewelry store he used to own, but he died before writing this down. Does it considered a donation from our father because he set his intention to do so ? And are the heirs obliged to fulfill it?

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Is it permissible for a father to divide his property amongst his children except one under the pretext that he has paid for the latter`s tuition? This is knowing that his other children were given the opportunity to pursue their education but didn`t because they were educationally poor. Moreover, is he allowed to give his other children who have helped him with growing his business?

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Is it allowed for me to donate a flat to each of my children except one considering that the tuition fees I paid for the latter`s university study are equal to the price of the flat? In other words, he has received his share and this is why I`m donating a flat to my other children?

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I`m a cashier at a branch of the Civil Service Consumer Corporation. Sometimes, customers pay more than the due amount. Do I have the right to take that extra money knowing that I cover shortages from my own salary.

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