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Fatawaa - Search Sections - What is Forbidden while in Ihram

Ruling on Using Perfumed Soap or Tissues during Ihram

Is it permissible to use perfumed soap, shampoo or cream while in the state of Ihram?

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Wearing Ordinary Clothes for Ihram due to Being on Duty

What is the ruling when an on-duty government employee is unable to wear Ihram clothes during the Hajj season. Is it permissible that he assumes Ihram in ordinary clothes(Non Form-Fitting)?

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Ruling when a Muhrim Uses an Umbrella for Shade

What is the ruling when a Muhrim uses an umbrella for shade?

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Ruling on Touching the Perfume on Ka`ba while Observing Ihram

What is the ruling when a person observing Ihram (Ritual consecration) touches the perfume on the Ka`ba?

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Ruling on Person who Engaged in Sexual Intercourse before Tahallul from Ihram for Umra

What is the ruling on the woman who didn`t shorten her hair-out of ignorance-after she had performed Sa`e for Umrah; in addition to having engaged in sexual intercourse with her husband?

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Tawaf for a Woman in Menses

Is it permissible for a woman who had her menses during Hajj to complete its rites?

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One who Leaves a Pillar of Umrah Remains in a State of Ihram

A woman experienced her menses while performing Tawaf (circumambulation around the Ka`bah) for Umrah, then she headed to her country and violated the restrictions of her Ihram (ritual consecration) by having sexual intercourse with her husband. She committed this violation out of ignorance as far as the ruling of Sharia in this matter is concerned. This is in addition to the fact that she will only be able to return to Makah the following year. What is the ruling on this and how can she come out of the state of Ihram?

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When should a Pilgrim Lift the Restrictions of Ihram?

Unable to reach Mina, I authorized my friend to throw the pebbles of Al-Aqabah Al-Khobrah on my behalf. Having made sure that he had thrown the pebbles, I took a bath and wore my clothes without cutting my hair. Is my Hajj valid?

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No Ransom on a Child if He Violates a Restriction of Ihram

I went with my wife and my four-year old son to perform Umra. After we finished the rites of Umra, my wife took off our son`s Ihram clothes and replaced them with form-fitting clothes before he came out of the state of Ihram, is he liable to offer a Hady ?

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Ruling on Having Sexual Intercourse after Offering Umrah for Tamattu` Hajj

What is the ruling on the pilgrim who had sexual intercourse with his wife after lifting the restrictions of Ihram for Umrah in Tamattu` Hajj?

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Is it permissible for a woman to have her underwear on while performing Umrah? ? Read More
What is the expiation for using perfumed soap while being in a state of Ihram(ritual consecration) for Umrah(after making the intent for Ihram)? ? Read More
Wearing Medical Shoes during Umrah for a Necessity

I want to travel for Umrah, but I wear medical shoes and slippers because my right leg is (7cm) shorter than my left. Is it permissible for me to perform Umrah wearing any of them although they are form-fitting?

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Ruling on Killing Ants during Ihram

I have killed an ant while I was in state of Ihram (Ritual consecration), should I offer an expiation for doing so?

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