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Fatawaa - Search Sections - Conditions that Make Hajj (Pilgrimage) Obligatory

Conditions for Performing Hajj or Umrah on Behalf of a Sick Person

Is it allowed to delegate someone to perform Umrah on behalf of our sick father with the intention that Allah confers recovery upon him?

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The Prioritization between Hajj and other matters should be Based on Individual Need and Necessity

My husband and I are looking to have a child; however, my husband has saved money to perform Hajj, considering that we are currently in Saudi Arabia. We are now faced with two options: choosing to have a child and postponing Hajj for another two years, considering the difficulty of leaving a child with someone else before they turn one year old, or advancing the Hajj and delaying having a child. Which one is more deserving, and what would you recommend?

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Islamic Ruling Regarding a Woman`s Travel for Hajj or Umrah without a Mahram or her Husband

Is a woman allowed to travel for Hajj or Umrah without a Mahram or her husband?

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Ruling on Delegating in Hajj due to Illness

I have a serious illness (Extreme dizziness) and it is difficult for me to travel or go out. Is it allowed to delegate someone to do Hajj on my behalf?

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Conditions for Hajj on Behalf of Others

Is it permissible for a person to perform Hajj on behalf of another who is unable to perform Hajj himself because of the spread of the Corona Virus or he doesn`t meet the age requirement although he is physically and financially capable? 

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Giving Precedence to Getting one`s Son Married over Performing Hajj is up to Person`s Assessment

If there is a man who has saved a sum of money to perform the obligatory Hajj (i.e., Hajj for the first time), and after five years he becomes entitled to enter the randomized lottery for allocating Hajj visas. In the meantime, he has a son who is single and of marriageable age. If he gets his son married, that sum could go short and so he may not be able to perform Hajj. In this case, which takes precedence? Should he do the obligatory Hajj or get his son married?

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Ruling on Authorizing someone to Perform Hajj on Behalf of another

Conditions that make Hajj Mandatory ?What is the Islamic ruling on authorizing someone to perform Hajj on behalf of another

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Is a woman`s nephew by suckling considered a Mahram( i.e. unmarriageable)who is permitted to accompany her to Hajj? ? Read More
Is a Muslim Obliged to Sell his Land to Cover the Expenses of Hajj?

Is a Muslim obliged to sell his land in order to cover the expenses of Hajj because he has no other source of income?

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Ruling on Authorizing Someone to Perform Hajj on Behalf of Another

What is the ruling on authorizing someone to perform Hajj on behalf of another ?

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