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Fatawaa - Search Sections - Current Issues concerning Zakat

Ruling on Zakat of Amounts Retained in Letters of Credit I purchase commodities from abroad via an Islamic bank where I deposit a certain amount of money in the trust account. However, one full lunar year has elapsed over that amount and, still, the commodities haven`t arrived yet. How should I calculate the Zakat of that amount? • Read More
Ruling on Zakat of Goods Purchased under Istisna` Contract I have purchased goods, for resale, under an Istisna` contract. Although I have paid part of the price and one full lunar year has elapsed, the goods are still being manufactured abroad. How should I calculate the Zakat of the goods and the sum that I have paid? • Read More
Ruling on Investing Gratuity Funds and their Liability for Zakah

What is the Islamic ruling on investing the funds of gratuity and staff provident in profitable businesses? Are they liable for Zakah every lunar year and should their Zakah be given from the profits?

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Zakah on Property of Investment Organizations We are a cooperative organizationthat was established through contributions made by its members(Shareholders) where each paid a thousand JDs; either one time or by installments. The money is investedthrough purchasing different commodities and selling them, by installments, to shareholders or others. This is in addition to the establishment of different micro projects. Is Zakah due on the organization`s property? If yes, what is the amount? Moreover, it is worth pointing out that a shareholder has the right to withdraw his share in the capital and the profits, but he has to notify the organization in advance. • Read More
Paying Zakah in the Form of Benefits Somebody wants to pay the Zakah of his wealth in the form of benefits targeting eligible recipients. For example, doctor examining poor patients free, teacher giving lessons to the poor free or owner of apartments providing lodging for the poor free. Does it avail a person to pay Zakah of his wealth in such form? • Read More
Zakat Due on Staff Savings in the Staff Provident Fund Could you clarify the Islamic ruling on the Zakat(alms) due on the savings of the employees subscribing to the staff provident fund, taking into consideration what follows: First: The employee pays 2.5% from his basic salary to the Fund. Second: The company pays 2.5% of that salary to the Fund. Third: According to the system of the above Fund, each employee who subscribed for two years or more is entitled to borrow money from it. Fourth: According to the system of the above Fund, and after three years of subscribing to it, each employee can collect his subscriptions as well as those made by the company, but in case he resigned before that period, he is entitled to take only his subscriptions. Fifth: According to the system of the above Fund, each employee, who has spent five years or more working for the company or subscribing to the Fund{which comes first}, can borrow a maximum of 50% from his overall savings. Sixth: The employee can make purchases in line with the regulations of the Fund. Seventh: No profits have been distributed until now. Eighth: All transactions and investments conducted by the Fund comply with Sharia. • Read More
Zakah on Deposited Funds How to pay the Zakah on deposited funds? • Read More
Ruling on Zakat of a Presumptive Loan I`m a member of a group of people who contribute a set sum of money every month so that each one of the group receives the total sum of the group's contributions. In Arabic, this is called "Jam`iah". In fact, the rotation continues for 23 months and the monthly installment is 500 JDs. In fact, I`m the last to receive the total sum which is due after 18 months. Should I pay the Zakat of the sums that I pay monthly? • Read More
Apartments Set for Trade are Liable for Zakah Three partners have established a housing company; how should they calculate the Zakah due on it? • Read More
It is Permissible to Pay Zakaah in Advance, but with Conditions I pay the Zakaah due on my money in every Ramadan. Is it permissible for me to pay a portion of that Zakaah in the month of Rajab ? • Read More
Zakah on Severance Pay, Retirement and Savings Compensation What is the Islamic ruling on the Zakah on severance pay, retirement compensation, pensionable salaries, and savings compensation? • Read More
The Zakaah of a Debt that has Become a Property I have a married sister who has three daughters and two young men who are pursuing their university education. One of them is paying for his tuition and the other had received half a scholarship. My sister lives with her family in a house of their own, but they are indebted with (33000) JDs, so I have paid off that debt so that they could sell the house. A year passed and they couldn`t sell it, so they offered to give me half of it in return for the debt. The price of the house was estimated at seventy thousand JDs, so I agreed and the matter was officially documented. Nevertheless, I made them another proposition: If they sold the house, they would give me (33000) JDs. and the rest is theirs in case they sold it with more than the estimated price. The question that arises here is that: Should I pay the Zakaat on the(33000) JDs. and is it permissible to give my sister from that Zakaat ? • Read More
Are Funds of Charitable Associations Liable for Zakah?

The expenses of a certain charitable association are about 70.000 JDs per year. Its main source of income are the donations of the good doers. This association has 160.000 in its depository account and 30.000 in its current account. Are these amounts liable for Zakah although, according to the association`s director, they belong to the association and not the orphans it cares for?

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Delaying Zakah to be Given by Installments is Impermissible We are a Zakah committee concerned of collecting Zakah funds from Mosques and other similar places. Are we permitted to give them to the poor by installments? • Read More