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Islamic Ruling on Delegating the Collection and Distribution of Zakat to Charitable Organizations

We are a non-profit charity organization that aims to enhance quality and justice in terms of receiving healthcare services, improving treatment conditions, and promoting the rights of the underprivileged patients. Is it permissible to donate Zakat to the patient fund of the charity so that we can achieve our goal of supporting patients? It is important to note that the funds will not be used for any administrative expenses of the charity whatsoever.

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It isn`t Permissible for the Giver of Zakat to Take from it for himself

I have a grocery store, and I share it with my brother and sister. We have accumulated a sum of money designated for emergencies because we don't have health insurance. The date of the Zakat due on that sum is approaching, and our salaries are not sufficient for our expenses. Is it permissible for us to take from the Zakat due on that sum?

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Transferring Zakat to another Country is Permissible if there is a General and Urgent Need

Is it permissible to pay Zakat to the people of Gaza and delegate charities to deliver it to them?

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The Difference between the Poor and the Needy from an Islamic Perspective

Which type of the poor is eligible to receive Zakah (Obligatory charity)?

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Islamic Ruling on Considering Kafalah Money (Guarantee) as Part of Zakat

I am a guarantor for an insolvent person who is subject to judicial enforcement. Is it permissible to consider what has been paid and what will be paid on his behalf as part of Zakat, knowing that, as his guarantor, I am legally obligated to pay on his behalf?

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Islamic Ruling on Considering "Niqut" (What is given as Gifts) Part of one`s Zakat

Can I give my needy friend my zakat money as a gift for her childbirth?

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Ruling on Maintaining Schools and Hospitals Using Zakah Money

Is it permissible to use Zakah money to cover the expenses of maintaining schools, hospitals, and universities?

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It is Permissible to Pay Zakah to Indebted Son with Conditions

Seven brothers have a company, but one of them is struggling financially and ran up debts estimated at more than two thousand, which he is demanded to pay off. Is it permissible for his father to give him the Zakah of the company`s money to pay off those debts?

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Ruling on Stipulating that Recipient of Zakah Spends it in a Certain Channel

As giver of Zakah, is it permissible for me to stipulate that the recipient of Zakah spends it in a certain channel?

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Ruling on Paying Zakah to Cover Marriage and Wedding Expenses of the Poor

What is the ruling on paying Zakah funds, collected by a charity, to get those who meet the conditions of poverty and destitution married where a collective wedding will be held for twenty to thirty persons with a cost of one hundred and twenty to one hundred and fifty thousand JDs?

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Ruling on Giving Zakat to One`s Debtor in Exchange for Debt

What is the ruling on giving the Zakat of my wealth to the Zakat Fund under the condition that it pays off the debt of some persons who owe me; knowing that they are either imprisoned or wanted?

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Delegating a Charitable Organization to Deliver Zakah to the Poor and Needy

As a charitable organization, we help autistic children develop their skills and integrate into society. What is the ruling of Sharia on giving Zakah to this organization to serve this noble purpose?

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: Ruling on Building an Orphanage from Zakat Funds

What is the ruling of Sharia on building an orphanage from the Zakat funds collected by a certain charitable organization, knowing that all the beneficiaries are poor orphans who live there for a certain time, then leave giving a chance for other orphans to dwell there. In fact, the orphanage is owned by this organization although it hasn`t covered the cost of its construction. In case it was decided that the orphanage should be sold or demolished, its value is Zakatmoney, which goes to the eligible recipients of Zakat or the poor orphans?

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Ruling on Paying off a Deceased Person`s Debt from Zakat

If someone dies while in debt and his heirs fell short of the money required to pay it off, is it permissible that I give a portion of the Zakat due on my wealth to pay off part of that debt?

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