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Fatawaa - Search Sections - Things that invalidate or disliked in prayer

Reciting Al-Fatiha with its Entire Letters is an Obligation in Obligatory Standing (Qiyam)

Some prayer performers start reciting Al-Fatiha when rising for the next Rak'ah before fully standing upright. Consequently, the phrase (Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem) or a part of it may occur before completing the standing position. Is their prayer valid?

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Ruling on Having a Piece of Candy in one`s Mouth when Praying

Is the prayer of the one praying alone or in congregation while having a piece of candy in their mouth considered valid or not?

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Saying 'Yarhamukallaah' to a Sneezer during Prayer

What is the ruling on one who sneezed during prayer? Should he say 'Alhamdulillah'? And is he permitted to say 'Yarhamukallaah' to a sneezer?

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Interrupting an Obligatory Prayer is Prohibited

What is the ruling on a wife who interrupts her prayer when her husband arrives home, and finishes it in another room?

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How to Attain Submissiveness in Prayer?

I`m always absentminded in obligatory prayer. I even finish prayer without being conscious of it at all. What should I do in order to attain submissiveness {khushoo`}?

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Realized that Part of Hair was Uncovered during Prayer

While praying, my wife realized that part of her hair was uncovered so she covered it. Is her prayer valid since covering Awrah is a condition for prayer being valid? Moreover, if this recurs out of forgetfulness, what should she do?

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Saying Allahu Akbar or Sami' Allâhu Liman Hamidah Loudly to Attract the Attention

Sometimes, a mother would raise her voice while praying to warn her child and those around him against a certain danger, such as a heater or an electric plug, through Saying Allahu Akbar or Sami' Allâhu Liman Hamidah Loudly. Is this permissible? In addition, does this affect the validity of her prayer?

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No Harm in Placing Heater in front of Praying People

A heater is turned on and set in front of the people praying in one of the Masjids, but the Imam insists on turning it off under the pretext that it isn`t permissible. What is the Sharia ruling on this?

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Does Moving or Making the Sound of a slight Cough (Ahem) Nullify One`s Prayer?

Some people tend to move a lot while praying. What is the ruling of Sharia on that? Some even join the congregation late and after the Imam makes Tasleem, they take many steps towards a Sutrah-a pillar or a wall-to continue their prayer. Is that permissible? Moreover, what is the ruling on making the sound of a slight cough (Ahem) during prayer, with or without an excuse?

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Does Father's Movement-while Praying-for the Purpose of Teaching Son Invalidate Prayer?

What is the ruling when a father moves-while praying-to teach his son the right manner of praying?

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Straightening Rows when Praying is Desirable

How valid is the Hadith: “One who fills a gap in a prayer row, Allah will recompense him/her, but one who doesn`t, Allah won`t recompense him/her,” and in what form does such an act happen to entail dispraise and punishment ?

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