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Fatawaa - Search Sections - How to Pray

Ruling on Woman Reciting Aloud during Prayer Depends on Situation What is the ruling on a woman reciting aloud during prayer and when saying "Ameen"? • Read More
Observing the Proper Sequence of Missed Prayers is Recommended What is the ruling on making up and observing the sequence of missed prayers? • Read More
Ruling on Reciting Al-Faatihah by the Persons Led in Prayer What is the ruling on reciting Al-Faatihah by the persons led by the Imam in non-Silent Prayer? • Read More
Ruling when the Imam Recites Loudly in Silent Prayer or Vice Versa Is it permissible for the Imam to recite loudly during the third and fourth Rakhas of the Isha` prayer and tell those led in prayer that it is a Sunnah done by the Prophet(PBUH) but people have left it? • Read More
Sending Prayers on the Prophet(PBUH) in the First Tashahhud is an Act of Sunnah What is the ruling of Sharia on sending prayers on the Prophet(PBUH) in the first Tashahhud? • Read More
Raising Hands in Qunoot Supplication is Preferred What is the Sharia Evidence Proving that raising the hands when making Qunoot supplication in fajir prayer is preferred, since I have heard that it is a mere innovation ? • Read More
It is Valid for an Imam to Lead Prayer While Sitting Due to Inability I`m an Imam and it is difficult for me to prostrate on the ground, instead I prostrate while sitting on a chair. What is the ruling on my prayer and that of those led by me? • Read More
When should a Praying Person Turn his Head at Tsleem? Is it valid for an Imam to begin saying Tsleem while his face is set towards the Qiblah, then turn it and end by saying the Tsleem( to say the salutation: “As-salamu `alaykumwaraḥmatullah” to the right and then say Tsleem again and turn to the left? • Read More
Is it Permissible to Make up Missed Obligatory Prayers at the Time of a Current Prayer? Is it permissible that a person makes up missed obligatory prayers at the time of a current prayer? • Read More
The Sunnah Prayers (Rawatib) are not Offered with Loud Recitation. Someone was offering the Sunnah of Maghrib prayer, a man came and followed him to perform the obligatory prayer; should the one leading prayer (Imam) recite loudly or not ? • Read More
Supplication during Prayer to Achieve Worldly life's and Hereafter's Matters is Permissible Am I permitted to supplicate during prayer, prostration and before final salutation for matters of worldly life? Or the supplication for worldly life's matters should be made only while performing voluntary prayers? • Read More
Ruling on having Doubt about not Reciting Al-Ftiha or Part of it What is the ruling on having doubt or forgetting having recited Surat Al-Fatiha(Chapter of the opening) during a prayer. Should I perform the whole prayer again or it suffices that I offer the prostration of forgetfulness? This is knowing that this doubt recurs in every prayer. • Read More
Is the one who doesn`t offer prostration of Quranic recital considered sinful ? • Read More
How many prostrations of Quranic recital are there, and is it permissible not to offer them while reciting ? • Read More
Is it permissible for a praying person to make supplication in each Sajdah( a prostration) of obligatory prayer? • Read More