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Fatawaa - Search Sections - Prayer's Conditions

Islamic Ruling on the Prayer of the Person whose Mind is Impaired

Is prayer obligatory for an elderly woman who is suffering from memory loss, taking into consideration the fact that family members assist her in the prayer's tenets?

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Islamic Ruling on Woman Covering her Face and Hands in Prayer

Is a woman required to uncover her hands or fingers during the Tashahhud in prayer?

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Islamic Ruling on one who Prays while under the Influence of Drugs

What is the ruling of Islam on the one who prays while under the influence of drugs, but still aware of what they are doing. Is their prayer valid?

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Ruling on Deviating from Qibla while Praying

We are a team that works on a drilling rig in the Dead Sea area. We work different shifts six days a week. Unfortunately, we can`t stop the rig at prayer time and it moves half a circle left and right. It deviates (45) degrees right and left from the direction of the Qibla, so it becomes impossible for us to pray towards the Qibla because the rig keeps rotating. How can we pray while on this rig?

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The Time of Maghrib Prayer

Is delaying Maghrib prayer to the end of its prescribed time considered a make up for it? And why is Maghrib time called (Ghareeb)?

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It is out of Strictness to Claim that Offering Prayer in Trousers Affects its Validity

What is the Ruling on praying in trousers/pants or leading prayer wearing them? And what is the Ruling on the prayer offered by one who doesn`t keep his beard and leads people in prayer while in that condition?

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Some Rulings on Intention in Prayer and Fasting

How to have a Valid Intention in Prayer and Fasting?

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Intention is a Condition for Prostration of Thankfulness

Is intention a condition for prostration of thankfulness?

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The Best Time to Offer Fajr Prayer

What is the ruling on performing the Fajr prayer at the time of Isfar (When the dawn breaks and lights) since in some Muslim countries, such as Turkey, Fajr is prayed half an hour before sunrise. Is this permissible?

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Blood Resulting from Wounds doesn't Invalidate Prayer

I have a wound near my anus, and it keeps bleeding. Am I permitted to lead my family in prayer?

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No Harm in Praying Immediately after Azan

Am I permitted to perform prayer immediately after Azan (Call to prayer)? Although I read on a website an answer regarding woman's prayer, and it permitted performing prayers immediately after the Azan save the Dawn prayer?

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Ruling on Prayers Performed Facing the Incorrect Qiblah

A week ago, my sister had a surgery at King Abdullah`s Hospital and I had to stay with her for a couple of days. While there, I asked visitors and nurses about the correct direction of the Qiblah, and offered prayers accordingly. When my brother came to visit, he told me that I was praying in the wrong direction, because his mobile`s compass points to another direction. Are my prayers valid? If I was praying towards the incorrect Qiblah, should I repeat the prayers?

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A Woman is Obliged to Cover her Foot before Non-Mahrams and during Prayer

Is it permitted for a woman to get out of her home without wearing socks? And is her praying in this form permissible?

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Is it Valid to Initiate the Obligatory Prayer Immediately at the beginning of Athan

Is it valid to initiate obligatory prayer immediately at the beginning of Athan (The call of prayer) and to stop eating or drinking when intending to fast at the beginning of dawn's Athan?

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Mihrabs' Direction is among the Methods for Identifying the Qiblah Direction

How could we identify the Qiblah direction in Islamic cities?

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