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Islamic Ruling on the Sequence of Washing Wudu` Parts for someone Immersed in Water

If someone submerges entirely in water, does it suffices as a substitute for ablution (wudu), and is the order or sequence to be followed in washing the wudu` parts in this case taken into consideration?

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Ruling on Wiping over Thin Socks

Is it permissible to wipe over thin socks while making Wudu` (Ablution)?

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Effect of Diabetes Skin Patches on Ritual Purity

Some people with diabetes use smart patches to measure their blood sugar. The patch is placed on the skin and gives speed-reading of glucose level. What is the ruling of Sharia on the validity of wudu` and Ghusl while having these patches on?

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Washing the Wudu` Organs Consecutively is an Act of Sunnah

I work for a certain organization and can`t take off my shoes to perform Wudu`. I take off the right shoe, wash my foot and put my socks and shoe on and do the same for the left foot. Is my Wudu` valid taken that my right foot had dried before my left foot was washed?

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Performing Ablution with Water Endowed for Drinking isn`t Permissible

What is the ruling of Shari`ah on performing ablution with water endowed for drinking?

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Ruling on Performing Ablution while having Creams on one`s Hair

Does applying "Keratin" to the hair invalidate ablution, knowing that it covers the hair but doesn`t reach the scalp or prevent water from reaching it ?

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Ruling on Inscribing and Hanging Quranic Verses on Walls

I wanted to hang a framed Quranic verse on a wall of a mosque; however, the people there objected to that under the pretext that the Quran has been sent down to be acted upon and not for decorative purposes; what is the ruling of Islamic Sharia on this issue?

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It is Permissible to Wipe over a Splint to Avoid Harm

I have sustained a deep wound in my finger, so I wrapped it with a bandage, and performed ablution without the water reaching it. Is my ablution valid ?

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Excused Person Going Early to Friday Prayer

I suffer from urinary incontinence and do Wudoo` for each prayer after its time begins. However, in order to attain the reward for Friday prayer (Salat Jumuah), I do Wudoo` and go to the Masjid before the time of prayer begins. Is this valid or should I wait for the Athan(Call to prayer), do Wudoo`, then go to the Masjid?

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Thinking about Marriage doesn`t Render Ablution Invalid

Does too much thinking about marriage invalidate ablution?

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Should a Person Renew Ablution after Cutting the Nails I cut my nails after making ablution, shall I renew my ablution or washing my hands will be enough? ? Read More
Making Ablution while Keeping Nail Polish

What is the ruling on making ablution without removing nail polish?

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Should Ablution be Renewed after Nails are Cut

While in state of ablution, I cut my nails. Should I renew my ablution or will washing hands suffice?

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Excusing Vaginal Discharge in Case of Hardship

What is the Islamic ruling on the continuous, semi-fluid vaginal discharge? Does it nullify Wudu`? If it does, should the vagina be washed and Wudu` renewed or Wudu` alone suffices? I would like to bring to your kind attention the fact that I have embraced Islam in secret and can`t go to the bathroom to make Wudu` to avoid making a scene before my family.

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