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Fatawaa - Search Sections - Usury (interest) &Loans

Whispers of the Soul don`t Waive Creditor`s Right to Claim Debts

A creditor whispered to himself: "If the debtor repays the debt in this worldly life, it is my right. If he does not, then I have forgiven him in the Hereafter. "However, he continued to demand this debt, but encountered procrastination from the debtor. According to Islamic Law, is it permissible for the creditor to retract his forgiveness in the Hereafter, knowing the virtue of forgiveness in the sight of Allah The Almighty?

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It is Prohibited to Trade with the Financial Leverage System

What is the Islamic ruling on trading in Forex, knowing that some companies have informed me that leverage is not a loan but a financial tool to amplify capital value, in addition to the absence of swap commissions?

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Islamic Ruling when the Lender Stipulates Including the Goldsmith's Fee on the Borrower

My sister asked me for a loan, so I want to give her a piece of gold to weigh and sell. When she repays the debt, I will ask her for a piece of gold of my choosing, of the same weight and that she bears the goldsmith`s fee. Is this permissible?

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Islamic Ruling on Deducting a Service Allowance from the Borrower

We are a charitable organization that was requested by one of the Islamic institutions to offer zero-interest loans. Based on this, we receive a sum of money with the condition that it is provided as revolving zero-interest loans to the beneficiaries and trainees from the organization. A 2% deduction is made from the borrowing beneficiary for the lending organization, and the beneficiary receives the amount with a 2% deduction (as a service fee for the lending organization). The beneficiary is required to repay the full amount along with the 2% discount. Is it permissible to compel the borrower to pay the amount along with the total loan value, unrecoverable to the lending organization, in lieu of services, considering that the 2% will be allocated to the organization`s general expenses: employee salaries, water, electricity, internet? What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Elaboration on the Relationship between the Borrower and the one Commanding the Borrowing

A person borrowed a sum of money on my behalf from a usurious bank, then this person passed away, and the insurance paid off the debt. Am I still indebted to him or the debt is waived?

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Ruling on Borrowing Money to Host Ramadan Iftar Banquet

Is it permissible to pay the expenses of hosting Ramadan Iftar banquet by installments via finance company?

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Ruling on Leverage Trading

Financial Leverage is fake money with which the brokerage firm helps the customer/trader to enter into the financial market. It isn`t a loan because the money is fake and interest-free. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Ruling on Granting Loans to Farmers on the Condition of Marketing their Produce

Agriculture marketing companies grant zero-interest loans to farmers on the condition of marketing their produce. However, they charge up to 5% of the farmer`s profit. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Islamic Solutions to Insolvent Debtor and the Reward of the Patient Creditor

What are the solutions offered by Islamic Law regarding debt repayment or postponement in light of the difficult economic circumstances? Also, what is the reward of the creditor who forgives the debtor?

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An Interest-Bearing Loan is Void

What is the ruling of Sharia on obtaining a loan where the same amount of that loan is repaid, but another party pays the interest?

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Ruling on Claiming a Waived Debt

My paternal uncle owed my brother (15000 JDs). However, my uncle died before settling the debt. While we were receiving condolences, my brother stated that he decided to forgive the deceased and waive the debt. We accepted that and divided the estate among the heirs. However, after five years, my brother reclaimed the debt. Are we obliged to pay him?

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Ruling on Selling Pension

What is the ruling of Sharia on selling pension?

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Ruling on Claiming the Promotional Discount from Late Payers

We own a learning club that offers educational courses on various subjects on semi-annual basis. The contract signed with the student includes the agreed price and payments over the period of the course. The club offers promotional discount to the student who makes payment on time. However, the amount of discount is added to the original price of the course when the student is behind in the payment, as stipulated in the contract. For example, if a course costs (400 JDs), a student is offered a (100 JDs) as a discount provided that he/she pays the whole sum, which is (300 JDs), on time at the end of the course. However, if he/she is behind in payment, then he/she is required by court to pay the (400 JDs). Of course, this is taken care of by the club`s agent or lawyer in charge of the following up and collection, be that via court or bargaining. The agent or lawyer deliver this task in return for taking the amount of the discount offered to the student. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Ruling on Personal Advances System of the Social Security Corporation

What is the Islamic ruling on the personal cash advances made by the Social Security Corporation to pensioners in return for (4.5%) as declining interest?

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Ruling on Developing Software for Riba-Based Transactions

Our Company is specialized in software development. Recently, we were asked to develop the software of a conventional bank to help clients open accounts there. What is the ruling of Sharia on that?

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