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Fatawaa - Search Sections - Forbidden Sales & Transactions

Islam Prohibits Hoarding every Product Needed by Society

I trade in food products. However, some traders hoard items because they know that their prices will increase in the near future. What is the ruling of Islam on this?

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Islamic Ruling on Selling Animal Semen

Is it allowed to sell animal semen, and is there a distinction between this and the Prophet's prohibition concerning taking hire for stallion`s covering?

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Ruling on Selling Boxes whose Contents are Unknown

What is the ruling of Sharia on selling boxes whose contents are unknown for a certain price? For example, there are a hundred boxes; one of which contains a sum of money and other items that are worth twenty JDs. I sell each box for twenty JDs. 

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: Offering Food Coupons for Sale

Is purchasing food coupon whereas its actual price is (100JD) for (85JD) value permissible?

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: Ruling on Selling a House by Raffle

Is it permissible that I sell my house by raffle? The main idea of this transaction is that a thousand ten-JD-tickets are sold to the public, and the holder of the winning ticket gets the house.

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Selling the Traffic Accident Sketch is Prohibited

What is the ruling of Sharia when a person sells the traffic accident sketch of his car to another for a certain amount of money provided that the buyer takes the compensation that he manages to collect from the insurance company?

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Ruling when the Price isn't Specified

What is the ruling of Islamic Sharia on selling a piece of land against(2000 JDs) and seven unspecified sheep?

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Ruling on Selling Animal Bones and Horns

Is it permissible to sell animal bones, horns and teeth to be used in manufacturing adornment?

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It is Forbidden to Sell Vessels Allocated for Preserving Intoxicants

Is it lawful or unlawful to sell wine cans? In addition, is the ruling on selling wine cans similar to that of selling other cans?

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Should I Sell a Plot of Land to Person whom I Suspect to be Laundering Money?

I want to sell a plot of land to a foreigner and I have doubts that he wants to buy it to launder money. Is it permissible for me to sell it to him or not? If it is, then is it permissible that I sell it to him for a price above that of the market?

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Tampering with Expiry Dates is an Act of Deception

We are a marketing company that imports tea where the producer randomly prints the production and expiry dates on the packs for routine and administrative purposes. Unlike canned food or meat, tea doesn`t expire; therefore, consuming it is harmless. Is it permissible to repackage the imported packs then sell them to avoid deceiving consumers? This is knowing that the tea is fit for consumption, just like any other herb. May Allah reward you.

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Changing Goods` Country of Origin is an Act of Cheating

Some traders change the label of origin for the goods imported from China to look as if they were imported from Malaysia. They do so in order to evade the relatively high tariffs imposed on the goods imported from China compared to other countries. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Dubious Three-Party Einah Sale

I work at the Islamic Charity Center Society and we have a portfolio, which deals in Murabaha sale. My colleague bought a joint transport vehicle (Bus) from me through this portfolio. However, I spent that amount, then wanted to purchase a vehicle, so I applied to the portfolio to buy that same bus which I had sold to my colleague and for the same price. Is this permissible or considered Einah sale (Buy-back sale)?

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Sale Transaction isn`t Permissible Until Commodity is Possessed and Guaranteed by Seller

In Murabaha transaction, is it permissible to deliver the commodity-car-directly to the customer without handing it to the bank first?

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It is Unlawful to Purchase Goods Obtained Fraudulently

A  certain pharmacy has reached an agreement with some doctors whereby prescriptions are issued for persons who aren`t actually sick. The medications are covered by the insurance and are picked up from this pharmacy to be sold to other pharmacies with  a profit that could reach (40%) although the original agent`s profit doesn`t exceed (13%). As an owner of a pharmacy, is it permissible for me to purchase such medications from other pharmacies and sell them in mine?

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