Subject : Is it Permissible to Give Zakah to one`s Poor Son?
Fatwa Number : 1942
Date : 21-11-2011
Classified : Zakat Distribution Channels
Fatwa Type : Search Fatawaa

Question :

My income doesn`t provide for my basic needs and those of my dependents for I couldn`t pay the rent of the last five months nor the utility bills. Is it permissible that my father gives me from the Zakah of his money?

The Answer :

Praise be to Allah The Lord of the Worlds.



It is permissible for the father to give his poor son, who is able to make a living, from the Zakah of his money if the income of the son  doesn`t cover his basic needs and those of his family. This is because the father isn`t obliged to support the healthy, adult, sane son. It is stated in the book: "The father isn`t obliged to provide for his son who is able to make a living, which suits his social and financial status."{Hashiyat Al-Baijoori, vol.2/ pp..192}.


The Sharia maxim in this regard states: "The father isn`t permitted to pay from the Zakah of his money to those whom he is obliged to provide for." Al-Ramli  [May Allah be pleased with him] said: "One who receives enough provisions from an ascendant or a descendant (or husband)…….is neither poor nor needy, and this is according to our, Shafie, most correct opinion. However, it is permissible to give such a person on grounds other than being poor and needy."{Nehayat Al-Mohtaaj ela Shareh al-Menhaaj, vol.6/pp.154}. Accordingly, it is permissible for the father to give his son from the Zakah of his money  if the son is a debtor. And Allah The Almighty Knows Best. 




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