Subject : Donating to Charity Projects (Health & Education) is a Form of Continuous Charity
Fatwa Number : 3644
Date : 19-09-2021
Classified : "Waqf "Property Endowed for Charitable Causes
Fatwa Type : Search Fatawaa

Question :

What is the ruling of Sharia on urging citizens to donate to charity projects-other than mosques-such as schools, primary health care centers or economic projects whose revenues are to be spent according to the conditions of the donor to help alleviate poverty and unemployment?

The Answer :

All perfect praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds. May Allah`s peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Mohammad and upon all his family and companions.

An endowment is one of the most rewarding acts of charity. It is Sadaqa Jariyah (A continuous, flowing and ongoing charity). Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) said, "When a man dies, his deeds come to an end, except for three: A continuous charity, knowledge by which people derive benefit, pious son who prays for him." {Tirmithi}.

In addition, Narrated Isma'il bin Ibrahim from Ibn 'Awn, from Nafi' that Ibn 'Umar said: "Umar got some land from Khaibar and said: 'O Messenger of Allah! I got some wealth from Khaibar and I never ever had any wealth as plentiful as it, so what do you order me (to do with it)?' He said: 'If you wish, make it a grant and give charity from it.' So 'Umar gave it in charity: That is not to be sold entirely, nor given away, nor inherited, to be used to produce charity for the needy, those who are near it, for freeing slaves, for the cause of Allah, the wayfarer, the guest, and that there is no harm on its custodian consuming what is customary from it, or eating from its charity, without trying to amass wealth from it." {Agreed upon}.

According to scholarly consensus, an endowment, which is beneficial to Muslims, is permissible and it isn`t limited to constructing mosques. Rather, it includes other acts of charity such as hospitals, schools and economic projects that help alleviate poverty and unemployment.

Al-Emrani stated, "Every endowed item-house, land, clothes, weapon and animal-that remains in itself and benefits Muslims is permissible." {Al-Bayaan Fi Math-hab Al-Imam Al-Shafie, V.8:60}.

Moreover, providing citizens with education, treatment and work are amongst the pressing needs for they bring much goodness. They help build country through empowering its youth; the renaissance of the present and the backbone of the future. Endowing Muslims` funds for this purpose is required by Sharia and giving voluntary charity is amongst the blessed good deeds whose benefits are reaped in this lifetime and in the Hereafter.

In conclusion, donating for education, health, and productive projects as well as endowing funds for this purpose is one of the most rewarding and recommended acts whose benefits can be reaped in this life and the next. And Allah the Almighty knows best. 




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