19 صفر 1441  ,  18 تشرين الأول 2019

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Extravagance in Food What is the ruling on extravagance in food? • Read More
Sins and their Means of Forgiveness When a Muslim commits a sin, what is his punishment in the Hereafter and how can he avoid it? Are there sins that Allah the Almighty wouldn`t forgive as some sinners despair of His mercy? • Read More
Ruling on Accusing Muslims of Disbelief and Killing them for that What is the ruling of Sharia on accusing Muslims of disbelief and killing them for that? • Read More
Polluting Water in all Forms is Prohibited What is the ruling on polluting water resources? • Read More
Ruling on "Honor" Killings What is the ruling of Sharia on what is known as "honor" killings? • Read More
Ruling on Falsifiying of a Medical Report to Get a Job I was offered a job contract with a better salary. In order to get it , I had to undergo some medical examinations. However, being inflicted with hepatitis it was a hindrance for getting that job, therefore, someone offered me a clean medical report . What is the ruling of Sharia in this regard? • Read More
All Forms of Water Theft are Forbidden What is the ruling of Sharia regarding water theft? • Read More
Ruling on Killing Muslims by Muslim Outlaws under the Pretext of Apostasy What is the ruling on killing Muslims by Muslim outlaws under the pretext of apostasy? • Read More
Chastising with Fire is Prohibited Is it permissible to chastise a human by means not mentioned in the Holy Quran? • Read More
It`s Unlawful to Insult any of the Prophet's Companions Who is called a Sahabi (a companion of the Prophet`s) in Islamic Sharia, and what is the ruling on reviling the Sahabi Mo`awiah Bin Abi Sofian, and describing him as the one who undermined the unity of the Muslims ? • Read More
Ruling on Wasteful Use of Water What is the ruling of Sharia on wasteful use of water? • Read More
Faking a Medical Report is an Act of Cheating A student was admitted to university by virtue of a fake medical report in which he claimed to have (40%) disability although he is in perfect health, and later on, he managed to graduate. What is the ruling on getting a job on that basis? • Read More
Ruling on Using someone`s Property without Telling them I have used someone`s internet via Wi-Fi without telling them. What is the ruling?, and how should I compensate them? • Read More
It's Forbidden to Curse the Religion of the Inanimate What is the ruling when a person curses the religion of “work”? • Read More
A Teacher is Entrusted with his Students' Grades I`m a university professor, and sometimes I have to give extra grades to some students so that they don`t get dismissed from the university. This is in addition to encountering human and social pressure that drives me to do so? • Read More