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We are pleased to receive your inquiries regarding different religious aspects from 9: 30 am until 3: 30 pm ,Amman( GMT+2 ),starting from Sunday until Thursday  except  for official holidays.

 Ifta` Department apologizes for not answering  questions related to any of the following topics :

1-Divorce questions .If the person is asking  about a particular situation , then he must pay a visit  to the nearest Ifta` office  .

2-Interpretation of dreams and visions .

3-Assessment of Islamic groups , sects and figures.

4-Competition questions and puzzles .

5-Political  stands unrelated to Shari`ah matters .

6-Commenting on fatwa delivered by other parties .

7-Questions concerning financial disputes, since it is a must that disputants be present in person so that the  Mufti can hear both of them and issue a fatwa in that regard .


Caution : The website has the right to publish the question and  answer  after the deletion of private details .


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