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Husband is Obliged to Provide Wife with Proper Separate Accommodation What is the Islamic ruling on the wife who refuses, without a legitimate reason, to live with her husband where he resides? • Read More
Wife is Obliged to Strike a Balance between Obedience to Husband and Obedience to Parents Which comes first, obeying one`s husband or obeying one`s parents? And is it permissible for the wife to go out to serve her parents? • Read More
Having Children is the Right of both Spouses Is it permissible for the husband to ban his wife from having children although she wants to? • Read More
Ruling on Woman or her Guardian Asking for Separation on Grounds of Husband`s Unfitness Is it permissible for a woman`s guardian to ask for separating her from husband because the latter drinks and owns a license for selling liquor? • Read More
Ruling on Accommodating two Wives in one House I have two wives and used to accommodate each in a separate house. After I was laid off from work, I couldn`t afford to keep each in a separate house, so I rented one house and gave each a separate room with separate facilities. What is the ruling of Sharia on that? • Read More
Marital Relationship Rests on Love and Mercy What is the ruling on the wife who curses her husband or his family and the one who curses Allah? • Read More
Coercing the Wife to Perform the Ritual of Hajj

Is the husband permitted to coerce his wife to travel with him for the purpose of performing Hajj?

• Read More
Refuses to Shake Husband's Hand under the Pretext of Maintaining Ablution

What is the ruling regarding a wife's refusal to shake her husband's hand under the pretext that she is always in a state of ablution and has been keen on making supererogatory fast for many years?

• Read More
I`m a pious Muslim woman, but my husband isn`t, what should I do? • Read More
Is it permissible for a husband to stop his wife from visiting her family? • Read More
Is it permissible for a wife to refuse to go to bed with her husband (for sexual intercourse)? • Read More
Is my husband entitled to take my salary? • Read More
Is it incumbent on the fiancée to obey her fiancé? • Read More
Is it permissible for a wife to leave her house without asking her husband? • Read More
Is it permissible for a husband to sell his wife`s jewelry if he was in a hard up? • Read More