23 Jamadi al-Awwal 1441  ,  18 January 2020

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All Fatawaas

Installing Production Lines and Machines of Different Products We are a company specialized in installing production lines and machines that manufacture Pepsi and Cola cans, but sometimes they are used to produce cans of beer and other alcoholic drinks. Not long ago, we installed such machines, excluding the printing system, which determines the nature of the drink inside these cans, to a company that wanted to raise its production capacity. At present, we have nothing to do with that printing system. However, we will be asked in the future to install a printing system along with the production line. What is the ruling of Sharia on this knowing that that factory uses these lines and machines for producing cans of alcoholic drinks and other? • Read More
: It is Imperative that Social Media Users be Honest and Trustful What is the ruling of Sharia on speaking ill of chaste believing women via social media and inciting others to do so? • Read More
Ruling on Creating an Engineering Design for a Conventional Bank What is the ruling on creating an engineering design for the facade of a conventional bank? • Read More
: It is Permissible to Install Doors for Non-Islamic Banks I work for door company. Is selling doors to non-Islamic banks permissible? • Read More
Informing about Water Leakage is a Social Responsibility and a Collective Duty What is the ruling on informing the concerned authorities about water leakage in public places? • Read More
It is Obligatory to Avoid Cheating and Using Illegal Methods in Elections What is the ruling on buying votes? And what`s the ruling on the voter who took an oath on the Quran, in return for money, to vote for a certain candidate? And is he/she obliged not to break that oath? • Read More
Circulating Jokes that Mock Religion is Forbidden What is the Islamic ruling on circulating jokes about religion via social media? • Read More
Ruling on Favoritism What is the Islamic ruling on favoritism? • Read More
Ruling on Falsifiying of a Medical Report to Get a Job I was offered a job contract with a better salary. In order to get it , I had to undergo some medical examinations. However, being inflicted with hepatitis it was a hindrance for getting that job, therefore, someone offered me a clean medical report . What is the ruling of Sharia in this regard? • Read More
It is Forbidden to Spread Messages Warning Recipients with Misfortune What is the Islamic ruling on messages that are circulated via social media sites warning recipients of misfortune befalling them in case they did not send these to a particular number of people, and that they will hear good news if they did ? Also, what is the ruling on photos whose publisher claims that they are among the belongings of the Prophet (PBUH) and that if you(receiver) love him, click (like)and share with others? • Read More
Ruling when Non-Muslims Join Muslims in Prayer Some non-Muslims have joined us while performing Eid prayer. Is this permissible? • Read More
Ruling of Sharia on Forbidding Evil If I see or hear an evil, is it obligatory that I change it? • Read More
Ruling on Importing Advertising Materials for Alcohol Factory What is the ruling on distributing advertising materials to Alcohol factory? • Read More
Enjoining Kindness and Forbidding Iniquity Sometimes I receive a message containing a picture of someone desecrating the Noble Quran. The sender asks recipients to send that message to their contacts as an act of defending the Quran. What should I do when receiving such messages? • Read More
Enjoining Kindness and Forbidding Iniquity I work for a company whose manager refuses to allow employees to leave during work hours. Do I incur sin if I secretly went out to join the congregation at the Masjid? Is doing so considered a breach of trust? • Read More