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Keeping Property in an Unsuitable Place is an Act of Negligence My sister has transferred the Zakat of her money to my account in order for me to distribute it, on her behalf, among those entitled to it. Unfortunately, that sum was stolen from my car. Should I give that exact sum from my own money without telling my sister about what happened? • Read More
Ruling on the Zakah of Interests What is the ruling of Sharia on the Zakah of usurious money? • Read More
Is Employee`s Salary Liable for Zakah?

Are the salaries of an employee liable for Zakah? Should there be a separate lunar year for each Zakatable amount?

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Ruling on Zakah of Debts What is the ruling on the Zakah of debts which aren't likely to be collected and those likely to be collected? What is the ruling on Zakah of merchandise comprising of foodstuffs and how is it calculated? Is Zakah due on personal belongings such as cars? • Read More
Islamic Ruling on Money Spent in Charitable Projects

A charity organization has two bank accounts. One for charities and Zakah and the other for the revenues generated from rents and the kindergarten. Is the second account liable for Zakah?

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Is Zakah(obligatory charity) due on the Zakah money received by a poor person, and reached a Nissab( minimum amount liable for Zakah), and a whole lunar year had lapsed over having it in his possession? • Read More
Who should pay the Zakah(obligatory charity) from the orphan`s money? • Read More
Is Zakah due on the orphan`s money? • Read More
Is Zakah(obligatory charity) due on rented property, and how is it calculated? • Read More
Is Zakah(obligatory charity) due on owned land? • Read More
Is Zakah due on a woman`s saved gold? • Read More
Zakah isn`t due on Honey I have a number of apiaries that produce about one hundred kilos of honey per year. Is Zakah due on this produce? What is the Nisssab? And how should its Zakah be calculated? • Read More
It doesn`t Avail to Pay the Zakah of someone without their Permission

I want to pay the Zakah of my sister`s gold bracelets without asking her permission. What is the ruling of Sharia on this?

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Non-Rental Apartment isn`t Liable for Zakah

I bought a flat as rental property, but it remained vacant. How much Zakah is it liable for?

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Is the Deferred Portion of the Dowry-Not Received by Wife-Liable for Zakah?

I have heard that the wife is required to pay Zakah on her deferred portion of the dowry because it is a debt on the husband. As the latter is obliged to provide for her, she is entitled to receive the Zakah due on that portion in order for her to give it to one of the eight categories eligible to receive Zakah. However, it is stipulated in the marriage contract that the wife receive her deferred portion of the dowry in two situations: divorce or death of husband. What is the ruling of Sharia on this matter?

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